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Who says you cannot wear makeup with your favourite pair of eyeglasses? There are actually tons of things you can do to bring out your eyes through your lenses, but you must remember that the size and shape of your eyewear will determine at least some of your choices. However, there is still a lot of room for experimentation and you should definitely try out different shades, textures and products. The trick is to make your eyes stand out beautifully behind your glasses without making them too heavy. So, here are some makeup guidlines for a beautifully sophisticated look.


Various Tweezers for Shaping your EyebrowsCredit: public domainYour brows are very important because they frame and compliment your glasses. If you are unsure about how to shape them properly, seek the help of a professional to come up with a style that flatters your face. After that, you can maintain the shape at least for a while by tweezing stray hairs below your arch and, of course, combing your eyebrows upward in a neat way.

If you wear glasses with a thick frame (I understand they are quite fashionable at the moment) you may want to define your eyebrows more. This is an important step even if your eyebrows are partially hidden by the frame. If you have arches that are too sparse or light-coloured, use a small angle brush and fill them in with a pencil or shadow that matches your hair colour. For wonderfully bold brows, you can also opt for an eyebrow mascara.


For your eyeshadow, choose neutral tones instead of bold bright colours, especially if your glasses have a large, thick, black or bright-coloured frame. In this case, less is actually more. The basic rule is that the colour of the eyeshadow should never compete with the colour of the frame. Consider what else you have going on in your personal look: a bright hair colour, colourful glasses, plus bold lipstic means that your eye make up should be minimal.


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If your glasses make your eyes appear quite large, you can use eyeshadow to correct this. Apply a matt product on the lid and blend it carefully into the crease. Then, add a darker shade to the outer part of the lid. Remember to blend it over the first shade so that it looks natural.

As far as the smokey eye look goes, you can still pull it off while wearing your glasses. Larger frames are best suited for this because they give you more room to work with and you can get away with more eye makeup. It might be best not to go all black on the lids, after all, you can use different colours to create many variations of this look. Check different smokey eye styles with your glasses on to see what works for you and makes your eyes trully mesmerizing.


Applying EyelinerCredit: public domainWhen it comes to defining your eyes, applying eyeliner is essential. The first and most basic thing you can do is fill in those small gaps between your eyelashes with the help of a pencil, gel or a liquid product.

If you decide to create full lines, remember that thicker frames will require a thicker liner to make a difference. This will ensure that your glasses don't hide or downplay your eyes. The cat eye look is an amazing way to make your gaze stand out behind your lenses. Just make sure that you line up the flick or your eyeliner with the top corner of your glasses.

Your eyes may appear much smaller or bigger than they really are, but your eyeliner can help you remedy this. For small eyes, you can give the impression of length by applying a soft eye pencil on your lower lid, only on the outer third part. Join this to your upper lash line and then smudge.This will give you a great almond shape. Another great eye opening effect is lining your waterline with a soft white pencil. This will open up your eyes beautifully.

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 For eyes that look really large behind those spectacles, you need to tightline the entire eyes. This trick will make them appear more deep set. Use a dark colour such as black or brown for this. Line the entire upper and lower rim and try to stay as close to the lash root as possible. You don't need to make your lining very thick, in fact, if you use a liquid eyeliner, it's best that you avoid heavy lining. Your goal is to define your eyes. For a softer appearance, smudge the liner in the outer corners of your eyes.


Choosing Mascara for BeginnersCredit: public domainYou might think that applying mascara is a bad idea because it will stick on your glasses but this is simply not true. Mascara brings your eyes out behind your lenses, so it's definitely a must!

Make sure to curl your lashes beforehand and choose a product that gives you definition and volume instead of length. Also, make sure you focus on the roots instead of the ends of the lashes. Use at least two coats to make your eyes stand out behind the frame.

Don't use an old, dried out mascara-it will surely flake off on your glasses. Make sure your product is in good condition. You can also try a waterproof formula to see if it works better for you. Finally, one very important thing to remember is (common sense really) to let the mascara dry before putting your glasses on!

Here's a video on youtube from mahalo.com showning a great style for glasses wearers applied by a professional makeup artist. She gives some great general advice, too. Enjoy!

The Rest of your Makeup

Makeup and Cosmetic BrushCredit: public domainFor the area under your eyes (frames usually cast a shadow there), use a good quality concealer in thin layers. Dark circles often become more prominent when you're wearing glasses. A little shimmer in this area will also brighten up your eyes. Remember to use a light hand applying the highlighter. Makeup mistakes tend to magnify when you wear glasses!

Oftentimes the glasses leave annoying red marks on the nose. Use a tinted moisturizer to cover them. When it comes to moisturizers and foundation you have to be careful because they tend to come off on the frames. Make sure you don't use heavy layers that cannot be absorbed by your skin properly. Always use a light hand when you put on your eye makeup and blend each and every layer very carefully.Then, blend some more. It's best to have a little less than too much, right?

Don't forget to apply some blush for a fresh and natural look. Avoid adding a lot of blush on your cheekbones where your glasses rest because it might look rather odd. Always blend your blush and bronzer really well.

Various Shades of LipsticCredit: public domain

Don't be afraid to wear a bold lipstick. It will balance your face and compliment your thick-framed eyewear. Coloured frames look amazing when you add a lip with the same colour. Give it a try!