Decades of Standards

Enforced from the Top Down

In order to ensure a high degree of professionalism and uniformity across its fighting force, the United States' Army has gone to great lengths to publish and convey standards regarding the wear and appearance of the many various uniforms. Within the confines of the United States' Army, these standards are published in a massive, several hundred page regulation entitled "Army Regulation 670-1". Beyond the actual wear and appearance of tangible items on the uniform, from military insignia, rank, and earned military ribbons, awards, and medals, these standards also extend to the necessary hygenic and grooming aspects of a Soldier's presentation. While there are general standards for both male and female Soldiers, and more specific hair style standards for females, there are also a few specific standards (that appear in AR 670-1) that male Soldiers much abide by.

While the United States' Army has also gone to great lengths to empower leadership to enforce uniform and grooming standards in accordance to their better judgment, there are many specific standards that can and should be embraced starting as early as a young privates venture into their initial enlistment training on into basic combat and advanced individual training. If you are a male Soldier, this InfoBarrel article will teach you exactly how to wear your hair.

Step #1

Break Out a Copy of AR 670-1

While it is notorious for occasionally having subtle changes throughout, it is highly recommended that both new and old Soldier alike obtain the most current edition of AR 670-1. You will be able to acquire this regulation through your unit's supply sergeant, or you can even find it online by doing a simply search query through Google. If you have any questions at all about the wear and appearance of the United States' Army uniforms, you can find the answer in AR 670-1.

Step #2

Neatly Groomed and Presentable Hair for Male Soldiers

If you have ever seem a male Army Soldier walk down the street, they more than likely had an even, sleek, and tapered look to their hair style. United States' Army standards require a male Soldier's hair to be conservative looking. All effort should be made by the individual Soldier to not present themselves in a ragged or unkempt manner. For both male and female Soldiers, the general "rule-of-thumb" in haircut grooming style depends on whether or not a particular haircut directly interferes with the normal wear of headgear. From a digital ACU patrol cap, to more formal pieces of military headgear, the haircut chosen should not cause the normal wear of the headgear to deviate from what applicable standards are available in AR 670-1. For a digital ACU patrol cap, the cap must sit on the Soldier's head so that it fits snuggly and comfortably with the seem parallel to the ground.

Step #3

Ensure Clean Shaven Sideburns

A male Soldier's sideburns should not be flared, akin to and Elvis-like style. Sideburns must be neatly trimmed horizontally to be in alignment with the sideburn of the opposing side of the face. A Soldier's sideburns should not extend further beyond the lowest part of the exterior opening of the ear.

Step #4

When In Doubt....Ask

The United States' Army provides leadership with several general and specific guidelines and standards by which to gauge the appearance of Soldiers. If you are a Soldier, and are unsure of whether or not your haircut conforms to Army standards, it is important that you seek the guidance of your first nearest leadership. Sergeants are specifically trained in Army standards and regulations and will be able to provide you with sound guidance if you have any questions regarding your own haircut, grooming, or any general questions regarding the wear and appearance of any Army uniform.

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