Writing articles can be a really difficult process.  Being that I just started writing for Inforbarrel and I am on my 7th or 8th article I think I’ve gotten down a pretty good strategy that cut a lot of time off of my writing.  As you all know, writing more articles=making more money.  More money=more motiviation to write.  So it really is a cycle of things that keeps you going.  I’m going to show you the way I’ve been doing it so far and hopefully it can help you to write more.

               The first thing you need to do to write faster is obvious.  Think of a topic.  This little gem has been said a million times but it really works.  Keep a notebook.  It really does work, I promise you.  Even if you don’t end up using exactly what you wrote in the book it will help you arrive at your actual topic.  And you don’t have to look like a fool carrying a little notepad around with you everywhere, I just use my phones.  Most phones have a section called notes.

               Next, you need to write an outline on paper about your topic.  I say on paper because that’s how I do it.  Using the computer for this might work for you but I think if I did it that way I would waste lots of time.  Your outline needs to consist of bullets or numbers whatever you prefer.  Think of a bullet like a paragraph and under each bullet just jot down important stuff you want to touch on in that paragraph.  For example, on my outline for this article for the first bullet I have written writer’s block, more articles=more money, more money=more motivation.  As you can see I wrote more than that in my first paragraph because if you just write the main things that you want to put in your paragraph you can pretty much fill the rest in as you go.

               The last and most obvious thing you can do to speed up your articles is learn to type faster.  I was lucky to have typing lessons when I was really young where my teacher, who just so happened to be the meanest woman on earth, used to put an orange cover over the key board that covered up the keys so you wouldn’t be tempted to look down as you type.  We combined this and Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing (the link is for the 2011 edition, not the one I used but it’s probably better) and now I type a lot faster than most people I know who don’t work in offices.  I really hated every single day of that class with that evil woman but I guess it really did pay off.

               You can do this article writing thing.  Even if you’re not making money now just remember it will come with time!  If you are honestly having a hard time thinking of an article and none of this stuff works for you just get out of in front of your computer and take a walk or even better a run.  Getting the blood flowing always helps me think clearer.  If you need more food for thought check of this article: Writing Articles Quickly-How_to_Easily_Boost_the_Number_of_Articles_You_Write_Each_Month.  If these tips helped you please drop me a comment!  Thanks for reading!