Canon Camera

Imagine you turned on your Canon for a photo opportunity and you get Error 99 taking over your LCD! What do you do? Well, first, Error 99 is known as the error that shows up when your canon camera has no idea what is wrong with it. Most of the time, it's an easy fix, but sometimes it requires the camera to be sent to Canon for repair. So, I'm going to tell you the things you can try at home to get your Canon camera to work!

Things You Will Need

#2 pencil

Step 1

Sometimes, the camera just simply needs to have the battery removed for a few minutes and then put back in. So, take the battery out, and set it aside for about 20 minutes. Also, make sure it is FULLY CHARGED before placing it back in the camera.

Step 2

If that doesn't work, perhaps the problem is the connection between the camera lens and the canon body itself. Remove the lens from the canon body and set it aside. Now take a #2 pencil and, using the eraser, clean the gold prongs on the canon body AND camera lens. Then wipe them off with a microfiber cloth. WARNING: MAKE SURE TO HOLD THE BODY AND LENS UPSIDE DOWN WHILE CLEANING SO DUST DOES NOT FALL INTO THE CAMERA! While you're at it, go ahead and clean all of the connection parts around the canon body. I.E. where the battery and the flash connect to the camera. Put everything back together and test it out!

Step 3

So, you're telling me that neither of those steps worked for you? Well here's a trick I have found that will clear that error 99 message so that you can use your camera. IT DOES NOT SOLVE THE ERROR 99 PROBLEM, HOWEVER. All you have to do is hold down the shutter release and turn the camera on at the same time. The message should lift, and you should be able to use your camera for the time being. Of course, if you turn your camera off and back on without holding the shutter, the error will return.

In order to actually fix the canon digital camera, so you do not have to hold the shutter release down, you have to send it in to Canon to have it repaired, because the problem is more serious than a little dust and body oil. It sucks, but, honestly, it shouldn't be that expensive to get it fixed.

Tips & Warnings