How To Save Money


Since the invention of money people are asking two questions constantly.

1. How to earn more money?

2. How to save money?

The first one needs more energy and hard work and after earning it just vanishes by spending. Usually it goes away quicker than we earn as we have so many things to buy and bills to pay. And then comes the second question. How to save money? We all want to have some extra cash in our pocket. It helps us in our emergency situations or to spend some good time with family and friends. But we can not stop our daily life activities where we spend money and it does not make any sense to save money by avoiding the pleasure of our life. If you follow some simple things defiantly you can save some money at the end of the month and it can help you to live a more green life where you can contribute for the betterment of the world in some way.

1. Pull the plug!

Seriously! I am not asking you to stop using energy. I am asking you to think before your use. We are not willing to cut our T.V time or computer time. Just pull out the plug after you are using it. Especially oven, toaster, T.V, Gaming devices, or whichever takes a lot of energy.  Average American family uses more than 900 kWh/ month. And usually if you pull out the plug then you can save around 10% of that electricity bill. That is 90 kWh on an average. This saves a good amount of money!! I know it’s sometimes hard to pull in and out the electrical appliances’ plug all the time so you can buy some extension plug with individual switches.




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2. Ride on!!

We love to ride our car but the gas is getting more expensive day by day. There is no way we can avoid this transport. Taking public transportation is also not easy especially in the rush hour! How can we cut this cost then? Well the amount of hours we spend in the road is incredibly high. So we can try to use these times to improve our health and cut out monthly expenses. Get a bicycle. Get a fancy one with all the safety gears. And start riding it. If you can make it a habit your health will get better and will give you at the end of the month as well. 

3. Make (cooking) a hobby

Cooking is time-consuming sometimes but not always! But it is fun! Think about how creative you can become when you mix some simple ingredients and make something that can bring a big smile to your family face! How you can turn smelly fish to some mouth-watering platter or some grassy vegetables to a wonderful salad or garnish! But if you don’t want to get creative and you don’t have time then there are tons of recipes online for 15-20 minutes meal. Try some of those and I am sure, you are going to love cooking pretty soon! But don’t forget that eating out is fun and romantic. So, go out to eat with your partner on occasion.

4. Use credit card smartly

Using credit card too much without thinking can make your pocket empty but using a credit card smartly can save you monthly expenses and save you some cash. How? Well there are always some discount services associated with your credit card. Some card even gives you some discounts if you buy with that card in shopping mall, restaurant, or even gas station. So, just by knowing you credit card better can put some extra cash in your pocket. But be careful! Don’t overspend. Think before you buy. If you don’t need it don’t buy it. And if the installment cost you interest then it is better not to go for it.

5. Start gardening

Spending time with family is always good. And if you spend these times gardening together then it could be great. Try to grow some vegetables and herbs so that you can eat fresh and have fun growing them. That way you will have fun while saving money and eating fresh vegetables will be an added bonus.

If you just try these simple things from now on then I believe you can save some money from your monthly expenses. Some of these will help you to go green and make you happy as you will spend some quality time with your family and friends.