Here are some few tips to start writing. You can research, then read what you have researched and the write on that topic. You can take a break, come back later, review your work, and add anything missing.

01) Research
    You goal to start writing will push you to research for information. You could start to Google for a topic. Research from three different sources. I usually go to three different websites. I also buy three different English Daily.

02) Read, read, and read more
    After buying newspapers or using Google for information, i read the common story. For example, the recent uprising in Libya. I try to read what's common and what's different. I list out all the important points. I study the different style the author have presented the article. I read once again before i start to write.

03) Write
    Now i do have some importants points and openers, i would want to start writing on my own words. I write the actual articles down somewhere down in my notepad. Then i start to put those points through my own writing. I also use helpful words to connect different ideas together. I will write short and simple sentences. I also like to set a time limit for writing.

04) Review
    After i complete the first draft, i take a 5 minutes break. I come back. Then i read once again and look for any spelling and grammatical errors. I would also read the original article once again and memorize the points that i have forgotton to write. I write once again with new points.

05) Learn from experience
    As i write more of these articles each day, i always pay attention to what i learnt new today. I try to put them into my arsenal. I use them the next time while writing. Everytime i write clearly, concisely, to the point. As i get better at it, i try different styles of writing for the same point.

    I have researched for three different articles for this articles. I went to copyblogger, freelancewritingtips, and squidoo.

    Try to write alone. Avoid distractions as much as possible. Use software like 'writeroom' where you can have a totally blank screen and no distraction. I also heard that Stephen King writes his door closed. Then he opens his door and writes. He writes based on his emotions and everytime he comes up with different way to write the same thing.

    Well, there you have it. You may also like to read other related writings. What do you think about this article ? Was it helpful ? Would you like to share your ideas ? Have a question ? Leave a comment at the end. Share this article if you liked it. Thank you for your time.