While some people can write articles and get a lot of views, Google Adsense and other programs only reward you for clicks. There are techniques that you can use to increase the number of clicks you get and the amount of money your articles make.

Things You Will Need

pen and paper

Step 1

Write effective titles. Your titles should be extended versions of short titles. You shouldn't write very simple titles, because these titles are already widely used on the internet. You want to get the same audience with a specific point added on. The first part of your title should be simple, but the last part should target a specific audience.

Step 2

Focus on key words. Try to repeat words that are in your title frequently but not too much. Google and other search engines will notice the frequency of key words and mark your article as spam. This will cause it to tumble-down the ranks. You should instead use words that are commonly related to your title. This way, you can limit the number of times you use key words while using all the related search words related to the topic. Ideally, you should limit the frequency of keywords to less than 10% in each article.

Step 3

Focus on the introduction. Your introduction should be short, simple and appealing. The reason most people get tons of views but a small number of clicks is because of the lack of a quality introduction. While the body is important, your title is what draws readers in. If your reader gets frustrated while reading the body, they still might click on one of your ads. However, if they get frustrated within the introduction, they will hit backspace and you will receive no clicks. So try to make the introduction appealing enough to interest the audience further.

Step 4

Use marketable words in your title. You get paid based on the number of clicks you get and the quality of your clicks. If you use words related to technology, you can expect to get paid more for those clicks. As opposed to an all natural article which doesn't make as much per click. Focus on things that can be sold or words that can be used to market items.

Step 5

Always double-check grammar. Grammar is very important when writing for Google and other search engines. If you write a quality article with bad grammar, you can expect your article to tumble-down the rankings and receive less traffic.

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