Inexpensive and yet still elegant, hurricane vases are perfect for the home or special occasion. They act as a perfect pillar candle holder, a lovely vessel for custom etching, and as a simple blank canvas by which to create your perfect centerpiece. Continue reading to learn even more about these decorative vases, including some great usage ideas and the typical prices for them.

Hurricane Vases: Budget Friendly Beauty

Hurricane vases

Who said a vase needs to be expensive to be eye catching? Hurricane vases never got that memo. These vases are a designer's delight and yet only a handful of dollars each when bought in bulk.

There are many varieties of hurricane vases, but commonly they are cylindrical, tall, and made of clear glass. They get their hurricane namesake because their shape makes them perfect for protecting candle flames, and if the story ended there these vases would still be spectacular and a must for the home. But there is much more to hurricane vases. Their uses cover a lot of ground.

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Places And Ways To Use Hurricane Vases

There are many ways in which you can use hurricane vases; in fact they are one of the most flexible vase style out there, not limited to candles alone. Here are a few ideas to inspire your creativity:

Experiment with what you place in them

With hurricane vases being tall and crafted out of clear glass, they make a fun canvas for experimenting with what goes in them. It really opens up the door to your decor. You can try layering multi-colored sands like a unity sand vase or creating a seascape with a variety of shells like seashell art. Or you can go very traditional with simple cut flowers. The options never end, and because of this, hurricane vases adapt to your style or need in ways other vases can't.

Use them with pillar candles

Glass Adena Hurricane VasesPillar candles and hurricane vases are just meant to be together. As mentioned, hurricane vases are perfect for protecting candle flames because of their size and height. And pillar candles fit perfectly into these vases, creating a well-balanced look. For a bit of dramatic lighting, consider placing various sized hurricane vases with pillar candles around one room or even on the same table.

Commit to them as wedding vases

Because they are inexpensive and yet still beautiful, hurricane vases make exceptional wedding decorations. And as they can take on any style through what you place in them, there is no limit to how they can be used. A hurricane vase on every wedding reception table that ties in the motif of your big day can be something very special to look at. And they can make great take-home gifts for wedding guests. 

Showcase them as Christmas decorations and holiday centerpieces

A hurricane vase placed in the middle of a Christmas wreath table setting can be something beautiful to behold, especially with a seasonal candle or Christmas potpourri. And they don't need to stop there. These vases can be placed throughout your home to add a little joyful illumination, color, or scent to your holiday decor.

Dress them up for the seasons

While perfect as Christmas decorations, hurricane vases aren't a seasonal one trick pony. They can add beauty to any season or holiday. You can make them into great Halloween decorations by using black or orange candles, filling them with seasonal treats, or creating a spooky scene with plastic insects and spiders crawling all over them. Or how about as a centerpiece for a Halloween wreath or Thanksgiving wreath? Your decorating can be taken to a whole new level with creative uses of hurricane vases.Lenox Etched Hurricane Vase

Etch them to create a special seasonal look, remembrance gift, or award

As hurricane vases are a perfect blank canvas, they are exceptional to etch on. You can find pre-made etched hurricane vases or you can get them custom-made with your desired look. This could be holiday garland around the middle of the vase, a wedding remembrance etching featuring names and dates, or a special award etching for a job well done.

Hurricane Vase Prices

Again, most hurricane vase varieties are very inexpensive. When purchasing them individually, you can find them for $8 to $10 (a bit more if etched). If you but them in bulk (twelve or more vases), you can see that price drop to $6 or even a bit less per vase. They are an amazing deal, especially for the flexibility they bring to the table.

However you may be inspired by hurricane vases, there's a way to turn them into a fitting decoration for the occasion. Their flexibility and beauty create a lot of decorating opportunities, which makes these vases one of the most desired styles out there. They really are the Swiss army knife of decorative vases and, as so, a must to have around.