Need Free Money For Rent!

If you are saying I need free money now to help me pay my rent then I'm sure you are not alone.  In 2012, it is still very difficult for people to make ends meet without some sort of emergency cash assistance. Families are playing catch up and way too many are living paycheck to paycheck, and only one paycheck away from being homeless and hungry.  If you have a job and need quick money to pay your rent, you can easily get a pay day loan for one of the thousands of reputable pay day lenders and emergency cash lenders.  For those who are behind more than a month on their rent or those on the brink of being evicted, you can probably consider a rent party If you are saying "I need free money now," to get caught up on your emergency cash rent needs.


So What Is A Rent Party Anyway?

Rent parties is just what is sounds like.  It is a party or a function designed solely to raise rent for an individual or a family.  If you grew up in the ghetto or other poor neighborhoods in the 70's and 80's, you know what it's like to be constantly saying "I need free money now," to help pay my rent.  Therefore you may have a better idea of what a rent party is and how to organize one to raise emergency cash you need to pay your rent.


How Do I Organize A Rent Party To Help Me Pay My Rent?

In order to organize a rent party to help you pay your rent, or to help someone else pay your rent. You simply have to do the following:

  • Gather people in the neighborhood or family who have talent
  • Give a letter to the landlord explaining why the rent is late and what you are doing to get current
  • Set a date for the talent show
  • Rent out a place in a community center or a church (The idea is to rent out someplace you can get for cheap or free. In both a community center and a church there is a high likelihood you will get to rent the space out for free.  Especially if you explain to them it is for you or an member or the church or community who need emergency cash to pay their rent or be evicted.)
  • Start selling tickets
  • Get venders to sell and ask for a percentage of what the sell or charge for vending spaces.  Any money you get from the venders will go to any unforseen expenses as well as the rent for the individual or family.
  • Get volunteers to make light dishes and donate beverages (check with your local food and safety bureau before you serve food to the public)
  • Set practice and rehearsal dates
  • Choose a treasurer to collect the money and announce how much is collected at the end of the emergency cash rent party fundraiser.  This person will also give the collected money to the recipient.

Here are some videos that may give you an idea of how to throw a rent party to raise emergency cash to pay your rent.


So Should I Organize A Rent Party If I Need Free Money To Pay My Rent?

That's totally up to you. Only, you shouldn't consider it "free money."  Technically it is "free money," but your friends, family, loved ones and community came together to help you get quick emergency cash to bail you out of trouble.  If you think of it as "free money" then you may think you do not have to pay it back someone.  You many not have to pay it back in money, but you should "pay it forward" and try to help someone else when you get back on your feet.  There are many ways that you can "pay it forward" and help someone else without spending money.

All in all, rent parties are nothing new, poor folks have been doing it for decades to help them get the emergency cash they need to pay their rent.

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