Its sounds cliché and maybe even a little sexist, but if you don't know how to knit and you have just found out you're pregnant, now is the time to learn.  It isn't just because it is a general rule and potentially even law in some states, but because there are several benefits that you can get from knitting while you are pregnant.  Your mothers and grandmothers knitted for more reasons than just economy and you should too.

Knitting Helps Your Brain to Concentrate

Whether you were hoping that strip would turn pink or not, it did.  Now that it has, rest assured you are going to temporarily lose your mind, just like every other mother on the planet.  It isn't a bad thing.  Nature asks you to focus on one thing only and that is the health and development of your growing baby.  Most pregnant women are very good at forgetting things that they wouldn't have a few months earlier.  Knitting helps exercise the part of the brain that puts things in order.  Because it is a step by step process, you are exercising brain muscles many people take for granted.  If you learn how to knit, you may avoid the embarrassing situation of finding your put your cell phone in the refrigerator.

Knitting Will Help You to Stop Over-NestingPregnant? Learn to KnitCredit: veggiegretz @ morgueFile

It is no secret that pregnant women start fussing with their homes before a baby is born.  What starts as innocently as wanting to buy a crib and slap a fresh coat of paint on the walls can drive some women to panic when there is nothing left to do.  When this happens, they undertake silly projects like redoing the house and begging their husbands for a quick cheap addition.  When you are knitting for your baby, you are still taking care of the urge to make everything right for the baby without attempting to break the bank or the house.  It doesn't matter if junior isn't going to wear a single pair of hand-knitted booties, it is part of the process.  Nature gave birds nests to build and humans get knitting needles and the ability to learn how to knit.

Your Babies Will Appreciate ItYour Babies Will Love It If You Knit When PregnantCredit: alvimann @ morgueFile

That pair (or three dozen) of the hand-knitted booties (depending on how much time you had off work and how late the baby arrived) come in handy even after your babies can ride a bike by themselves.  Children love to hear about how excited their parents were to have them and how you chose their name and what you did when you were pregnant with them.  They will pull out a pair of those hand-knitted baby booties with delight the same way you will admire their first finger painting.  And wait until you pull out a pair when your kids have kids.  If for no other reason than to make your children happy, you should start knitting as soon as you know you are pregnant.

Knitting Gives You Something Else to Focus On

If you aren't pregnant now and have never been, then you probably have no idea what this means.  Go back to that earlier thought that nature gives pregnant women a single track mind.  More than being an exercise to remember things, knitting gives you something to concentrate on during those last few uncomfortable days when you can barely remember that you are human and not a walking ball of fatigue.  It is especially useful if you need to finish a sweater at crunch time because you may actually (albeit irrationally) want to spend time working on that and not concentrating on the real task at hand.  Either way, having something to occupy your time that isn't the baby is very helpful in getting through the days.  

Calming Now and Ever AfterGrab a Ball of Yarn and Learn to KnitCredit: beglib @ morgueFile

While you a pregnant, knitting can have a relaxing effect.  Back in the real world, you may not have considered knitting as something that would calm your nerves.  However many people find it very soothing to put things in place, which is exactly what knitting is, putting stitches into place.  As a bonus, you can almost count on this calming effect to happen every time you pick up some needles and yarn for the rest of your life.  Even if you only know knit and purl stitches, learning how to knit while you are pregnant means that every time you pick up a pair of needles you will remember that wonderful time when you were looking forward to meeting your children.  You know, before are running around the house screaming at each other.  Something to calm your nerves that doesn't cost a fortune or puts you at risk for alcohol abuse sounds pretty good, doesn't it?

Something For Your Hands to Do

If you quit smoking when you found out you were pregnant, then you may find the cravings for cigarettes just a strong as those for pickles and ice cream.  Knitting gives your hands something to do.  This will help break the mental habit and by counting stitches you may just find you can get through it, no worries.  And, it is always a win to say you quit smoking when you learned how to knit.  Even if you never smoked, knitting is something you can pick up and work on for short periods when you are at a complete loss for what to do.

Better Than Barefoot in the KitchenLearn to Knit When You are PregnantCredit: madlyn @ morgueFile

If you still aren't convinced you need to learn to knit while you are pregnant, then just think about the stereotypes.  Wouldn't you rather be seen as the mother who was knitting for their baby than the one who was barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen?  Think of it like it is a choice between the two and learn to knit.

You Are Sold, So Now What?

Knitting is so incredibly easy and as long as your instructions are clearly written (they will be if they come from published books and magazines).  Once you have the hang of the basics, you will be able to advance quickly.  Have a look at the video below for some quick instructions.  Then grab a ball of yarn and some needles.  You'll be finished with your first pair of baby booties in no time.

How to Knit - The Basics