Anyone who writes for InfoBarrel has to come to grips with search engine optimization before they ever expect to make a $1000 dollars per month with InfoBarrel. It's just that simple. You don't have to be an expert but you have to know how to structure an article to give it a fighting chance in the search engines and you need to know how to evaluate your competitors to see if you've got a chance at surpassing them.

Article Ranking - What Is Important

This is a topic all by itself and a big one. There are full published books dedicated to the topic of SEO however I choose to boil this down to the simplest terms possible and encourage you to do the same. If you look at any given webpage no matter if it is a website, a blog, or an InfoBarrel article they all have roughly five things influencing their placement in the search engines.

Title Tags – Description Tags - URL

You need three things to do better in the search engine results pages (SERPS). You need Google to see your keyword in the Title, the Description, and the URL. If you have your keyword in all three you will be ranking higher in the SERPS by virtue of nothing else. Look at this picture of Ryan's article on the largest sharks (see below for picture). He ranks number one for this term and Google shows the term in the title, description, and the URL. He's got all three going for it. Compare it to the articles ranking number 2 and 3 and you'll see neither of them have the term in all three. All things being equal having your keyword in all three will cause you to rank better.

To get your keyword in all three you simply have to title your article using the keyword you are targeting and include the exact keyword (not a variation of it) in the first couple sentences of your article. To be even better you can use a second variation (slightly altered) of the main keyword in the opening couple sentences in addition to the main keyword. This will show up on the SERP page and will help even more.

Domain Authority

This is an element you can't alter in a meaningful and short-term way. If you are posting on InfoBarrel you are posting to the InfoBarrel domain and your article will get some ranking bonus based on the authority of the main InfoBarrel page. It is important to remember however your individual article will have its own authority bonus separate from the domain bonus. Think of it this way, your domain may have a PR4, 5, or 6 but your article page always starts at PR0.

Putting this into perspective you can expect your article to automatically rank in the SERPs based solely on your domain authority. If you are looking at you competition and all things are equal the articles on sites which have higher domain authority will typically rank higher. The thing is however that all things are never equal. Title, description, and URLs always have different SEO factors at play and individual article authority can be altered quite simply. Even though you can't affect the overall domain authority of the site you post on you can affect the article authority bonus with the last major influential factor in article ranking, Backlinks.

largest sharks serp rankings


Backlinks are the big elephant in the room when it comes to increasing your search engine ranking. Your InfoBarrel articles have to rank well if you plan on making money on this site and outside of structuring your title, descriptions, and URL to each contain your keywords the only other thing you can do is send relevant backlinks at your article.

Looking at this another way, if you are sizing up your competition in the SERPs for a particular keyword and you see a PR0 site in the top ten with your keyword in the title, description and URL then you should know that duplicating this feat should be fairly easy. You can check the top level domain with the competing page to see it's page rank as a way of estimating it's relative strength but in the end this PR0 page in the top ten likely has only a couple backlinks from outside domains at most. You can always check this by copying the competing page's URL and posting it into Yahoo's Site Explorer to analyze its backlink profile.

Typically PR0 pages in the top ten do not have many backlinks and they are simply on the first page of the SERPs due to domain authority, low competition, and optimized tags. Each of these you can duplicate with the InfoBarrel platform and with a little bit of backlink building you can outrank these pages by increasing your article's individual PR and authority.

Backlinks are the number one way that you can increase your SERP ranking. Optimizing title tags and keyword density can only take you so far. In fact you really don't need your keyword to be in your article more than a couple times at most. Assuming your keyword is in the URL, Title, and opening lines (description) of you article the search engines will know what it is about. You simply can't keep optimizing. At this point you are constrained by the domain authority and your article's authority. To increase your article's authority you have to build relevant backlinks.

Luckily there are many options for publishers to develop relevant backlinks. Each option takes work and for this reason many publishers choose not to do the work which is why you have a significant advantage if you take it to this next step. Even if you don't however you can use this information to identify keywords that you can compete with.

InfoBarrel has good domain authority. As of September 2010 it has a top level domain PR4 which is better than most sites but still has a ways to go to be at the top. If you competition is a PR0 and doesn't have your keyword exactly in one, two, or three of the SERP significant tags and their top level domain is PR4 or less you have a significant shot at matching or beating this article in the SERPS.

If you haven't yet joined InfoBarrel let me be the first to invite you to join. I am dedicated to teaching others how to make this work for them and will be happy to help you to your first hundred dollars online. You have the tools to evaluate the strength of your competition and the backlinks of your competition and you have the tools to increase your SERP rank. You may need to refine the process of choosing the best keywords for InfoBarrel articles but the question is; are you willing to do the work necessary to truly increase your InfoBarrel ranking and improve your InfoBarrel earnings?