Got poor foot circulation?  Many people experience all the annoying symptoms of bad foot circulation such as cold feet, tingling sensations, and difficulty healing but many diabetics suffer from these same symptoms on a far greater scale.  Long term diabetics know firsthand how improving circulation in your feet can be one of the single best things you can do for the management of diabetes.  Practicing better diabetic foot care requires action on this front and despite the beliefs of some there are some very good things that you can do to increase foot circulation yourself without the treatment of a physician.

Increasing Diabetic Foot Circulation Yourself

Steps To Lower Cholesterol Levels In 4 WeeksThe first rule of thumb to keep in mind when it comes to understanding poor foot circulation is that the circulation the peripheral arteries of the foot are likely damaged by elevated blood sugar levels and possible clogged by plaques in the arteries.  Treating the condition is two-fold.  Diabetes is a long-term condition that affects the body’s ability to effectively manage blood sugar which means that without tagging steps to control blood sugar better the damage that diabetes inflicts on the arteries will continue.

The second side to treating poor foot circulation is addressing the potential arteries blockages that occur which may be the result of excess weight and poor diet.  People who are overweight and live on a poor diet tend to have higher levels of cholesterol in their arteries which may make circulation in the feet a problem.  Taking steps to lower plaque buildup in the arteries can do a world of good in improving foot circulation in diabetic patents.

How To Increase Circulation In Your Feet

Diabetic Neuropathy Nerve Damage In FeetAs a diabetic you should know that it is very important for you to wear the proper shoes.  Find yourself a good shoes for diabetics and make sure to wear them every day.  These should not only be your work shoes or work boots, but you should also be wearing good diabetic slippers in the home, and top quality cotton diabetic socks. Basically anything that you might need foot wear for you need to seek out items that are designed specifically for diabetics.  These items are usually made of high end materials, have limited pressure points, better protection from blunt objects, abrasion, and puncture and they are almost always good for circulation problems.

Most normal shoes and socks are binding for many diabetics because of elastic bands in socks and the general shape for shoes.  Diabetic foot wear on the other hand is will not compress the foot or ankle leaving you plenty room for your foot to breath and circulate blood more efficiently.

Lastly circulation problems having to do with plaques or arteries blockages can be minimized through old fashioned exercise.  Of course this means you need good diabetic walking shoes and not just any cheap shoe.  Good walking shoes may cost you a bit more but they will make the exercise you do much more worthwhile.  There are other ways how to improve circulation in feet but these are the basics.  If you follow these and other basic diabetic foot care precautions then you should see positive results.