It wasn’t that long ago that lighting fixtures were not really thought of as interesting or a part of the décor, they were simply there to light the entranceway or to read that good book or find your way down the hall.  But if you want something a little different and love the old era styles such as industrial or rustic, or are trying to decorate with “finds” and odd and ends, this lighting could work for you instead of traditional or modern.

It is nice to have something that sits front and center on the floor, behind your favourite chair to read or in that dark corner to bring some ambiance to the room even when not in use.  This makes these fixtures work double duty.  If you happen to have that warehouse style condo with exposed brick, then this style is awesome, but it is not restricted to that type of place.  You can turn even a new place into a period style or era using old world lighting and furniture.  

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Industrial Style Floor Lamp - Pendant Edison Bulb - Copper Shade
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(price as of Sep 21, 2016)

Copper Shade Industrial Floor Lamp

This fixture looks the part, with the old piping and copper shade.  It is made in the USA and can be adjusted but I think the look is simply awesome especially with that copper shade.  The electrical part of this is safe and modern but you wouldn’t think it by looking at it.  You don’t want to hide this in that corner, have it beside a chair or somewhere where it will be seen, it is definitely a conversation piece.

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Industrial Cage 65" High Metal Floor Lamp with Edison Bulbs
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(price as of Sep 21, 2016)

Eclectic Style 3 Bulb Floor Fixture

This one is absolutely awesome especially if you love the industrial cage styling.  It has 3 Edison style bulbs that can be turned on individually or have all 3 of them on for extra light.  It totally fits the period styling and would look really cool amongst various “found” pieces such as old antiques or mix and match pieces.  It is the perfect rustic piece that adds to the décor as well as being functional with safe electrical systems.

You can get these Edison style bulbs online as well and they really add to the period piece.  This is not a fixture that you want to stuff those big white modern bulbs into.  You want this to represent the period all the way.

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Industrial Floor Lamp - Edison Bulb Pendant
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(price as of Sep 21, 2016)

Heavy Duty Black Iron Floor Lamp

This one is made in the USA also, and represents the era right down to the cloth covered electrical cord.  It is created to the modern electrical standards but a lot of care has gone into this piece to make it look old world eclectic industrial right down to the bulbs and the sockets they fit in.  There are two shades and this would look great between your furniture pieces or beside a favourite chair.  It will definitely be noticed and will add personality to your room. 

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Franklin Park II Industrial Boom Floor Lamp Rust
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(price as of Sep 21, 2016)

Franklin Iron Works Boom Light

This is simple and yet still makes a statement in your room.  The larger basket style is of period design and it has a rust patina that totally recreated the time period. It has a sturdy base so it will not tip.  This would be a great way to light up a darker corner and show it off or between bits of furniture, basically anywhere you have an electrical outlet.  

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Industrial Floor Lamp
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(price as of Sep 21, 2016)

Industrial Pulley Floor Lamp

This one is really cool if you want to make a statement!  The pulleys make the light adjustable and the cord is even created to look old world yet safe.  It is also made in the USA.  It will take any standard bulb but I think looks its best if you install the Edison style to give it that real old world look and feel.  But I really think these pulleys really add to the piece and will definitely make a statement in your room or space.  Who isn’t going to want to check out those pulleys!  A great investment.

If rustic and industrial are your style, then this will be like a working old world machine to get the light at the right height.  The light is a basket style and this will be just as big a part of your décor as the furniture.  A great investment if you want to be different in your décor and feel of your room.

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Edison Style Bulbs

These will make any of the industrial and rustic fixtures really reflect the time period of warehouses and industry.  Using a regular modern day bulb, will not give you that ambiance.  These bulbs are modern and safe just designed to look old and authentic.  You don’t want to be worrying about safe electrics.

Outfit Your Home with Industrial Style Lighting

Many people forget about lighting when it comes to décor.  They don’t want to spend the money on something they need to light the room or to read.  But you can still see these during the daylight hours, and instead of trying to hide them,  invest in pieces just as you would your furniture.  They are just as important as all your other elements when it comes to decorating a room to reflect your style and personality.industrial floor lampCredit:

If you add pendant lights and then hallway, vanity, table lamps and floor lamps in the style that suits you they will be a good investment in your décor.  The industrial styling has become popular as old warehouses are being retrofitted to condos with exposed old brick walls and some other elements.  Rustic old cage lights etc work well in this environment rather than traditional modern, but you don’t have to own an old warehouse condo for this effect to work beautifully.

Try Something a Little Different

Why not find pieces for your living area that don’t match?  A good chair here, a recycled old wood door for a coffee table, a nice area rug, old desk, just different pieces that don’t have to match and then add industrial lighting, this will definitely be a statement and a reflection of you.  Invest wisely in a few pieces instead of overloading the room, and you will feel warmth and comfort along with the right lighting.