What is InfoBarrel? What is my InfoBarrel earning potential? Why should I write for InfoBarrel? I first asked myself these questions in late 2009. As many writers are familiar with blogs and with other revenue sharing sites InfoBarrel was relatively new to the scene. I was intrigued but needed more info.

What Is InfoBarrel & How Does It Work

After doing some research and learning that InfoBarrel Earnings are split between the site and the author on a 75-90 percent split in favor of the author my eyes were widened. The reason for this is that other sites don't compare to this revenue share. This alone caused me to join and still causes me to recommend InfoBarrel to others.

In actuality the revenue share for InfoBarrel doesn't include Kontera advertising but it does include Contextual ads, Chitika, and Amazon. Every author basically starts with their advertising code displayed on 75 percent of the page impressions and if they contribute a minimum number of articles every month the ad share increases to 80 percent and then to 85 percent. Other monthly incentives can push this revenue share up to 90 percent as well. This obviously compares favorable to other more established sites like Xomba which shares 50 percent of ads and HubPages which shares only 60 percent of ad impressions.

InfoBarrel Earnings Potential

Quickly it became apparent to me that one's Info Barrel earnings potential could be far higher than these other sites assuming the CTR was as high and the search traffic was as robust. Of course measuring CTR is easy as it is a simple mathematical computation and having spent nine months at InfoBarrel I have found that the CTR can be quite high if you write about the right topics and optimize your page properly. Some people will not see good results but often this is due to the topics they choose and the way they optimize their page.

In my time with InfoBarrel I've found that you can expect InfoBarrel income well over $20 per thousand page views if you do the right things. With the three different main ways to monetize the site as well as the ability to include affiliate links in the articles the earnings potential of InfoBarrel is quite high.

How InfoBarrel Works

The trick to working with InfoBarrel in a meaningful way and making the most money possible is to understand that writing articles based on their commercial value is better than writing articles based on your knowledge. You have to take the time to find articles ideas that have commercial appeal and then research those article ideas well enough to craft a helpful article on the topic.

You then have to title the article appropriately to trigger the right type of advertisements and to make it search engine friendly. You also have to include an adequate amount of keywords that people search for in the body of your article which are closely related to the keyword in your title. By doing this it will be more likely for you to find search traffic and match them up to the information they are looking for as well as advertisements that are specific to their search queries.

You can't just stop there either. The InfoBarrel income potential is also based on other forms of advertisements in addition to contextual ads. Chitika will trigger automatically by the search query used to find the page which is why you need to target a small handful of closely related keywords that people will use to find your article. And Amazon will be triggered by the keywords you choose separately from the article itself. The best practice is to craft your entire article and then identify a product sold at Amazon that would be most fitting to sell for a reader of your article. Then figure out how you would find that item in Amazon search – whatever keyword you used to find the item in Amazon search is the keyword you would use to maximize your potential InfoBarrel earnings through the Amazon advertisement block.

More Earnings – InfoBarrel Allows Tasteful Affiliate Linking

Not only that but you can continue to maximize your Info Barrel earnings by including contextual affiliate links in your article body on occasion and in each article's author bio box. With each article you submit you are allowed a bio box which allows you 0-2 links. They can even be calls to action calling readers to use your affiliate link to find a product that would meet their needs based on the topic of your article. Depending on what you choose to promote the commissions from these affiliate sales can be substantial.

Other ways of increasing your InfoBarrel earnings are to refer other contributing writers onto the site. When someone you refer signs up for InfoBarrel and starts contributing articles to the site your advertisement code will be displayed on their pages 2 percent of the time. This will not be much if your referrals do not ever write articles but if you can help them along and encourage them to build their article library this can begin to accumulate to a small trickle of additional InfoBarrel Income to your bottom line in comparison to all other forms of monetization.

What Kind Of Earnings Can You Expect Writing For InfoBarrel

What kind of earnings can you expect? You can expect to make a living off of InfoBarrel if you choose to take it seriously by writing the right kind of articles formatted the right way and by promoting those articles significantly with basic internet marketing techniques. There are many active InfoBarrel members who happily contribute to the community by helping each other out, providing support, and guidance on best practices and how to increase your InfoBarrel income. If you chose to join InfoBarrel and start making money for yourself then you will have the entire community at your disposal to help you out.

If you join InfoBarrel with my affiliate link I personally will help you along your journey because I firmly believe that anyone can make a living online by writing and marketing. It's not rocket science but it's a lot of info to take in at once and it takes time to learn the small details which can inflate your InfoBarrel earnings many times over.
This is my invitation to you to join InfoBarrel and start increasing your income. If you choose to join please do find me in the forums – I will help you to your first hundred dollars per month. You'll have to do the work and it will be a lot of it but I'll show you how and I'll even start you off with a few great topics that should jump start your InfoBarrel earnings.