I am following the forum and see some questions appear quite often, so I thought I would write a quick FAQ and gather some of them.

Please note that I am simply a user here, not an admin, so the info here is just provided to you as a help and may not be seen as an official answer to your question.

1. My Article Was Denied, What Should I Do?

When an article is denied, a reason is given to you. Check under your "Account", "Content", there is a tab called "Denied Articles". Your article should be here with the reason for the denial.

"Article denied due to Awkward English or excessive spelling and/or grammatical issues": this is a very common reason for InfoBarrel to reject an article.

What I would suggest is:

- take some rest and come back to the article after that rest and see if there are mistakes you can find

- do not rely on the automatic spell checker: it is very limited and is not a good indicator of whether your article is well written or not

-ask for helpl in the forum and see if someone could review your article (or ask one of your friends). Don't copy/paste the whole article in the forum though as this will mess up a bit the search engines perception of the uniqueness of your article (once you publish your article, it will be both available as an article and in the forum, thus not unique)

- do not give up. I am not a native speaker, I make mistakes, but I still made it. Sure, sometimes, my articles are rejected but that's life. I see it as an opportunity to improve them, not as a disadvantage. 

- in the case you really can't do it, I would suggest looking for an alternative to InfoBarrel. Some writing platforms are less demanding. This is of course your last option, try the previous ones first.

2. Money

2.1. How Much Are We Paid?

When you publish an article, some companies are allowed to place ads on it. You are paid depending on how much these companies are ready to pay for it. Also, in the case of Adsense, some companies only pay if the reader actually clicks on the ads, not just if it is displayed.

This means that it isn't easy to tell you how much you are going to get paid. One month, maybe three persons will click on an ads and you will make quite some money and the next month there may be no clicks and very little money.

Also, some categories are more paying than others. If you write about golf, some companies selling golf products (expensive) may be interested to place ads on your article and may be ready to pay quite some money for it. Personally, I write about the Rubik's cube and I can tell you, this isn't a very profitable market (compare the price of a golf club and a rubik's cube).

Also, articles in the InfoBarrel University don't have ads on them so people writing in this category don't make money at all. You even wonder why anybody would want to write there.

2.2. What Is the Difference Between Tier 1 and Tier 2?

This is mostly historical. Adsense is the Tier 1 ads and Tier 2 ads are all other ads that IB manage to gather in addition to Adsense.

You can simply think of it as two different group of ads. Tier 1 is supposed to be more valuable but I made quite some money with Tier 2 ads (maybe they like Rubik's cubes more).

2.3. How Often Are Earnings Updated?

The process is partly manual so when the admins have the time to do it, they do it. There are many people who complain about it because they are used to live update of Adsense earnings but Squidoo and Zujava for example, only update earnings once a month. So I really don't see why this should be a problem.

3. Where Are My Draft Articles?

When you are new here and save your post as a draft, you may be scared not to find it anywhere. Actually, when you know where to look for, it is quite obvious (isn't it always the case?).

So here it is: go to your "Account" / "Content" and then, if you look for it, you should see tabs! Live articles, draft articles, denied articles, etc...

DraftCredit: Adragast


To Be Continued

These are the most common topics I see in the forum but I will update this article with questions I see often in the forum. Please consider also checking the InfoBarrel blog quite often, it is a nice source of information. Don't hesitate to friend me and send me a question in a private message if there is something you are wondering about and don't dare to ask in the forum.

Good luck at InfoBarrel, I wish you the best!