Since the initial launch of InfoBarrel it has been our intention to provide a means to raise money for different charities. Now that InfoBarrel is an established crowd sourced web site we feel that we are big enough that if we all band together we should be able to make an impact and generate substantial sums of money for charity.

How it Works?


At any time, you can contribute any of your articles to the current charity. Once you set an article to be charitable, 90% of the revenue will go to charity. 2% will go to whoever referred you and the remaining 8% will be used to for server expenses.

If you ever want to convert your article back from charitable status you can do so at any time through your 'My Content' page.

Tracking Progress

Each charity that we will be working with will have its own InfoBarrel page. We will update this page at least once a week, keeping everybody up to date with exactly how much money we have raised for this charity.

Hopefully we can all work together and use the power of crowd sourcing to help people in need!

Current Efforts

The charity InfoBarrel is currently supporting is the Canadian Diabetes Association. Take a look at how we are doing at InfoBarrel for Charities - Canadian Diabetes Association.

Past Efforts

In our first round of fund raising we focused on the Huntington Society of Canada.  In total we raised $2,574.96!  Take a look at how we are did at InfoBarrel for Charities - Huntington Society of Canada.

How to Get Started?

If you aren't already a member of InfoBarrel, simply signup and click the create button to start writing your first article.