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Our first InfoBarrel for charities charity will be the Huntington Society of Canada.

How does this work?
Simply sign up for Infobarrel and share some of your knowledge. Whether you want to teach people how to do something, or just educate them on a topic. The revenue generated from your articles that you choose to go to charity will go to the cause.

What does the Huntington Society of Canada do?

Huntington Society of CanadaThe Huntington Society of Canada is a national network of volunteers and professionals united in the fight against HD since 1973.

The Huntington Society of Canada aspires to a world free from Huntington disease. The Society maximizes the quality of life of people living with HD by:

  • Delivering services;
  • Enabling others to understand the disease and;
  • Furthering research to slow and to prevent Huntington disease


What is Huntington's Disease (source Wikipedia)

Huntington's disease, chorea, or disorder (HD), is a progressive neurodegenerative genetic disorder, which affects muscle coordination and some cognitive functions, typically becoming noticeable in middle age. It is the most common genetic cause of abnormal involuntary writhing movements called chorea and is much more common in people of Western European descent than in those from Asia or Africa. The disease is caused by an autosomal dominant mutation on either of an individual's two copies of a gene called Huntington, which means any child of an affected parent has a 50% risk of inheriting the disease. In rare situations where both parents have an affected gene, or either parent has two affected copies, this risk is greatly increased. Physical symptoms of Huntington's disease can begin at any age from infancy to old age, but usually begin between 35 and 44 years of age. If symptoms begin before about 20 years of age, they progress faster and vary slightly, and the disease is classified as juvenile, akinetic-rigid or Westphal variant HD.

InfoBarrel's Fund Raising Goal

Since this is our first attempt at raising funds for charity, we are unsure how quickly we will be able to generate funds. We have decided that we will raise a minimum of $2500 for this charity prior to selecting another organization. Every week, we will post an update on this article, letting everybody know exactly how much we've raised.


May 17, 2010: $18.69
June 9, 2010: $36.87
June 21, 2010: $44.84
July 16, 2010: $76.70
July 28, 2010: $93.00
Aug 10, 2010: $112.68
Sept 21, 2010: $216.76
Nov 2, 2010: $313.07
Dec 2, 2010: $582.91 - Looks like we are starting to pick up! Thanks everyone!
Dec 30, 2010: $809.07
Apr 7, 2011: $905.87 - Slowing down again, Panda update?
May 6, 2011: $1,097.56
May 17, 2011: $1,194.43
May 30, 2011: $1,310.67
Jun 27, 2011: $1,550.30
Jul 20, 2011: $1,740.28
Aug 15, 2011: $1,919.70
Sep 15, 2011: $2,061.71
Oct 15, 2011: $2,171.64
Nov 15, 2011: $2,275.33

Feb 28, 2012: Sent a check to Huntington Society of Canada for $2574.96!
Thank you to everyone that contributed!