Passive income is undoubtedly a goal we all strive for. I started down that particular path myself towards the end of 2011, and have been devoting no small amount of time to that endeavor over the past few months.

The good news is that there are lots of ways to may money online; the bad news is that there are lots of ways to make money online. In other words, with so many options to choose from, it’s hard to figure out where to apply your efforts in order to get the most bang for your buck. With that in mind, I’ve started comparing several of my online efforts to see which is earning the most for me. Here, I will let InfoBarrel and WebAnswers square off.

For those who don’t know, is a Q&A site where you earn money by asking and answering questions. It doesn’t come much simpler than that, and it’s free to sign up. (You earn via Adsense revenue-sharing.) InfoBarrel, of course, needs no introduction. I signed up to both sites around roughly the same time last year, so I have been registered with each for essentially the same amount of time. The earning are as follows:


November 2011

InfoBarrel: $1.58

WebAnswers: $40.74


November 2011 was the first full month of earnings that I had for any websites that I’d joined. (I had earnings in October – for WebAnswers, that is - but figured it was better to start with a full month.) Although it was the site I initially cared the least about, I started making money with WebAnswers almost immediately and continue to make money every day. (I seem to recall only two days on which I failed to earn any revenue on WebAnswers, and both occurred on weekends shortly after I joined.) Needless to say, I was very excited about InfoBarrel, and the $1.58 I earned was fantastic, because it made me aware of IB’s potential. And, in InfoBarrel’s defense, at that time I was primarily focused on developing several niche sites.


December 2011

InfoBarrel: $0.00

WebAnswers: $49.64


Again, I spent most of my time in December working on niche sites, and InfoBarrel paid the price. That said, I continued to earn nicely from WebAnswers.


January 2012

InfoBarrel: $0.99   (IB Total:  $2.57)

WebAnswers: $55.02   (WebAnswers Total:  $145.40)


While I didn’t have the excuse of working on niche sites in January, I did spend a lot of time developing hubs on  (For the uninitiated, a hub is essentially a web page constructed around a particular topic - very much like an article, but with the ability to do more graphically, I’d say.) In fact, I participated in a challenge to build 30 hubs in 30 days. That, in essence, took a lot of my time and left both InfoBarrel and WebAnswers as orphans to a certain degree. Nevertheless, WebAnswers still managed to increase its earnings for the month over December.

In short, WebAnswers has been great for me in terms of generating regular income. That said, I have been nowhere near as active on InfoBarrel as I’d like to be, but I hope to improve that in the near future.