If you are a home owner with a family to protect you will no doubt have looked into some of the many home security products that are readily available for you at the present time.

This article will give you a few examples of the basic devices that are out on the market at the time of this writing and should provide you with better insight as to what these products can do for you.

There is little doubt that with so many different home security products out there, there are many different functions each of these products aims to achieve. For example the standard door alarm, used to protect against any unwanted person trying to enter without the consent of the home owner. This door alarm can also be attached to your windows too to give added protection to your house or office.

The first device we are going to discuss is the dummy camera. Now the dummy camera or fake camera as they are also known as is not a real camera. It is simply a deterrent to any potential thief thinking of breaking in to your property. The idea behind the dummy camera is that once the thief gets it in his head that his movements are being filmed, he will become less willing to break into that property. Simple but effective.

Next we shall talk about the brilliant security device that is glass break detectors. No prises for guessing what these do. They simply will call an alarm to the device owner if anyone tries to break, smash or cut through the glass of the protected property. Adding this device to a standard window alarm will fortify your house even more so.

To round up another excellent security device is the motion light detectors. What is so good about these is that if there was any movement in an area that you had monitored from this device, the entire space would be lit up. This is great because if there was a criminal trying to do something illegal he is now in a brightly lit area for all the people in the vicinity to see.

If you were to acquire all 3 of these home security devices you would certainly give your house a much better fighting chance against anyone who wished to use force to break into your home. Chances are that you will never even need the glass break detectors due to the fact that the criminal will probably have run off after seeing the camera but its better to be safe than to be sorry.

One last tip to remember when thinking of securing your home is that there are a lot of these products out there; some are a lot better than others. It is recommended you look at some alarm review sites before spending your money.