So I just went through a break-up with my Baby’s mamma and we had been together for almost 10 years. One night I was so upset that I began to get drunk. No, I did not begin to get drunk, I was drunk. I also write for  a living and a drunk, upset, writer with access to a laptop can lead to many things such as Watergate, Blogging about the Positives of Mitt Romney, and ghostwriting articles for PETA while eating a BLT sandwich. Fortunately the first 2 did not occur and when I finished my PETA article I was still pissed off.

A pissed off and drunk writer who was in the depths of despair is a danger to society. I could have written about anything that night but for some reason I chose to write humor jokes. These may not be funny to some people but George Carlin was smiling down on me from heaven. I wrote a lot of jokes specifically for my situation dealing with me, my ex, and her new boyfriend. I was so proud of my jokes I had written.

The next day I woke up and did some work ghostwriting for other people. I looked over the jokes I had written the night before and realized that some of them were actually pretty good but I was not a standup comedian and had no use for them. That night I got schnockered on wine and then imbibed in some recreational smoking of the green herb. I pretty much phased out and did not remember much until the next day when I woke up. I reached over and grabbed my dumb Smartphone and I seen I had some notifications on FaceBook. I seen I had a message from a guy that had the same name as a famous comedian I liked. I clicked on the message and “Holy Sh&%”, it was the famous comedian. In my drunken stupor the night before I sent him a message on Facebook. He replied. I was stoked that I got a personal message from a Famous comedian I admire. Long story short, a friendly relationship developed (No Homo) and I sent him some of the material I had written. He actually liked some of it.

Because of networking on Facebook I now have some jokes that will be used by this comedian. He is beginning to work some of the material I wrote into his act and the next time he has a big special that is on Cable TV and then onto Netflix I can take pride in knowing that a miniscule portion of his comedy routine is original material that I wrote. More importantly, I can take pride in knowing that when my ex and her new boyfriend eventually see his new act on Netflix they will both recognize a couple of the jokes and will know for a fact that it is specifically about them and that the only person who could have gave him that material was me. I don’t need to name drop famous people because I want it to be a complete surprise to them. It’s all in good fun and they will enjoy it when it occurs.

The moral of the story here is that Networking on Facebook can lead to many exciting and new ventures. I don’t normally suggest you network with people on Facebook while intoxicated but it has been working out great for me.