Introducing a new kitten to a cat can be stressful for a cat owner. New kitten care takes a patient and informed cat owner. Here is some information on how to make things go a little smoother.

Keep in mind that you know your cat's behavior and emotions best, this is something that should be done based on your cat's personality. If you are the unlucky owner of a high strung, defensive cat, you are going to have to bring things along very slowly. On the other hand, if your cat is friendly and used to being around other cats the process will go a little faster.

Keep the cats in separate rooms when you start introducing a new kitten to an older cat. The key here is to avoid sensory overload. If the cats are forced to learn the scent, sight, and territorial presence all at once it is bound to be a train wreck of an introduction. So you are going to want to introduce each sense separately. As you are introducing a new kitten to an older cat observe the reaction of your cats carefully. Only when they are one hundred percent comfortable will you be able to move on to the next step.

Introducing a new kitten to a cat -Scent

Introduce the scent of a new kitten to the cat by using a towel or blanket. Hold the kitten in the towel or blanket and then take it to the older cat so it can thoroughly examine the scent. You can also use the carrier that you brought the new kitten home in to introduce the scent to the older cat. After you feel that the cats are comfortable and ready, move on to the next step. Remember, you know your cats better than anyone. I was told it would take a week or more to introduce my cats. They were fine in a few hours, it does not have to be a big deal when your are introducing a new kitten to an older cat.

Introducing a new kitten - Sight

Introducing the sight of the new kitten to the older cat should be done gradually. Do not plop your new kitten down in front of the older cat and hope for the best. Hopefully you have two cat friendly people in your household to take on this challenge. One option is to bring the new kitten into the room of the older cat in a locked carrier. This way the introduction will be gradual and the older cat will not feel that its territory is being invaded yet. Watch the cats closely and be ready to protect the kitten in case there is hissing and clawing going on.

Introducing a new kitten - Territory

Your older cat has firmly established his territory in your home so this is going to be the most difficult hurdle when introducing a new kitten. A combined play activity such as chasing a laser is a good option to let the older cat know their territory is okay to share. This will create a positive feeling and your cats will be working "together" as their natural instincts take over.

If your new kitten is a new born you should keep the older cat away from the kitten until it can properly defend itself.

New Kitten Care

Creating a cat friendly environment is important when you bring in a new kitten. Kittens have loads of energy. Give your cat an outlet for all of that energy with some items for kitty to climb on that you can get from Amazon.

Bringing a new kitten into a home can be an overwhelming experience for everyone involved. The new kitten is learning everything about their new surroundings all at once. So taking things at a steady pace is very important in the first few weeks. One thing to realize with new kitten care is that your new family pet can only handle so much. The established cat of the home is thinking that this is their territory, cats are territorial creatures by nature. Not only has the cat made the home their territory, the cat owners are also marked as the established cat's territory. So this new kitten has to overcome a lot of adversity in his first couple weeks as a domestic household cat.

What about you? With so much attention going to the cats you need to stay calm during the time you are introducing a new kitten into your home. It does help that cats sleep nearly eighty percent of the day. But during the introduction process the cats are going to most likely skip a few of their normal naps. It is important to take some time to recharge your own battery. The cats will be able to sense if you are stressed out and they will take on your personality. If your home is a high stress environment, your cats will behave accordingly. So it is best to make them feel calm and secure from the moment they are introduced. The calm and welcoming feeling starts with you, their owner. If you feel it, they will take on that same feeling. What I am trying to say is, take care of yourself, make sure you are in a good place mentally, then worry about introducing a new kitten to your cat.

Introducing a new kitten in our home went smoothly after my fiance and I properly researched everything we could about new kitten care and introducing a new cat. Our older cat (the black one in the video) was used to having another cat around so I am sure that made the process go faster. We were a worried that the bigger cat was going to manhandle the new kitten. So we were extremely over cautious at first. The information we found on new kitten care and introducing a new kitten to an older cat had us scared. We were ready to have them in separate rooms for a month according to one source. This may be the case for some cat introductions, but after what we went through, I think it all depends on the cat's personality and general nature. If your cat does not get freaked out easily, everything will be fine.

The black and white kitten and the black cat in the video are now perfectly content companions. It took a few hours to introduce them, which turned out to be the right amount of time for these two cat personalities. Remember that it is normal and healthy for cats to fight every now and then, that is how they learn that biting hurts. I wish you all the best as you in introducing a new kitten to cat. I hope your introduction goes as smoothly as mine did. The fact that you are looking for information about the process means that you are going to be fully prepared for the big meeting.
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Introducing a new kitten to a cat in this video shows that the established cat is not the one to worry about in every scenario. This younger kitten established early on that he was not going to be afraid of the older cat.