What is the Cheapest Invisalign Alternative?

Do you like many love the aesthetic benefits that Invisalign has to offer with invisible braces, however are a little turned off by its price and so are now (rather understandably) on the look out for a cheaper Invisalign alternative?

Well, you have reached the right place. Below, we will explore four cheaper brands that essentially offer you the same cosmetic appeal of a 'clear', see through brace so no one will notice them -- yet comes at a price much cheaper than the average $5000 cost of Invisalign.

How Much Does Invisalign Cost?Credit: Wikimedia Commons | Author: Smikey IoImportant Note: although these other companies like Invisalign below do offer essentially a 'copycat' version, that is cheaper -- there is obviously a rather obvious explanation for this.

Credit: Wikimedia Commons | Author: Smikey Lo (CC 3.0)

Remember Invisalign have spent a considerable amount of research & development (both in terms of capital and time) into their product (and continue to do so) to produce the best possible outcome for every patient -- making it hard for rival companies to effectively compete (this and all the patents they have placed & advanced technology with huge stores of data).

So bear in mind, as Scott Frey, DDS puts rather nicely "there is a reason for the price difference". 

#1 'Clear Correct' Invisible Braces

Clear correct is probably your best Invisalign alternative option. It is a much newer company (around 5 years old) compared to Invisalign who has been around for more than a decade now and they essentially aim to carry out the same job "straighten your teeth" with a clear brace.

Clear Correct Vs Invisalign

However, from patient reviews the balance seems to suggest that clear correct aligners are thinner and clearer than Invisalign's and hence the whole cosmetic appeal, seems to favor clear correct (or if not they are just as good as Invisalign aligners).

The main advantage Clear correct have though is that their treatment is roughly a $1000 cheaper than Invisalign where Clear correct has an average cost of just under $4000 -- this is due to 30% extra lab costs that Invisalign charge the dental practice (and hence you the patient) in comparison to Invisalign (as well as the extensive extra steps they implement, if required at the end of the treatment). 

As all the dentist practice is doing, is taking the cost of materials (the braces from either Invisalign or Clear correct along with a mark up) adding the labor fees and scans -- then passing them on to you.

Clear Correct does come with a few extra cost benefits though such as: at the end of the treatment when you require a retainer this is often free and if the patient isn't happy, the extra steps taken are usually free of charge.

Also, this is a rather subjective matter, but many dental practices (as well as patients) have found Clear correct to have a superior customer service to Invisalign. Yet again, the time it takes for Invisalign to get your plastic medical grade aligners and trays set up is pretty darn fast (within two weeks) whereas Clear Correct are known to be much longer (taking up to a month).


#2 Simpli5 By Ormco

 Simpli5 is a an clear express aligner system that is solely meant for "minor-to-immediate" anterior crowding and spacing", so it is a fair bit more limited than both Invisalign and Clear correct but for those who have only need a couple to several trays, and is basically just a quick simple job -- this is a far quicker & cheaper alternative to consider costing "20% less".

Simpli5 Vs Invisalign:

Simpli5 is procued by the Lab department at AOA and they work well. However, the key emphasis here is for those who are wanting a minor tooth straightening job conducted e.g. for incisors but rotated canines would probably be a job for Invisalign.

To know whether you are eligible for this option, it is best that you consult it with your Orthodontist. This being said, Invisalign now do offer an express 5 or 'lite' version and this is what you should be comparing it in terms of price (which is around on average $2000). But, Simpli5 is usually still cheaper than this option as well. Moreover, they have a pretty quick turn around, they can get the brace materials sent to your dentist's practice within 3 weeks - a fair bit quicker than Clear Correct.

Ormco make an even simpler model of clear aligners too that they call "red white blue" which is three sets of aligners.

#3 Clear Aligner

Again like Simpli5, Clear Aligner is intended for minor tooth moving operations (which they state to include: "crowded, rotated and tilted") but is essentially aimed at a 'younger audience' (patients who are 14 years and older), given its cosmetic appeal of being invisible. 

"It offers you the security of an attractive, unimpeded smile"

ClearAlign Vs Invisalign:

Like all the companies mentioned above they will produce a custom made aligner every six weeks through the treatment process. Not only is Clear Aligner far cheaper than Invisalign Express at around the $1500 mark, it is argued to be a lot more comfortable for patients too (which they claim through clinical studies of adult treatment) this is credited by the fact that is a splint which is smoother & is without metal components.

Again for specific details on Clear Aligner consult a dental provider and see if you are suitable or not and work out the costs from there. The results across all the clear braces are "excellent" though (Invisalign arugably does edge it in this regard though as expected).


#4 Insignia Treatment

No this has nothing to do with the car. Insignia smile (again formed by Ormco) is essentially a larger version of the Simpli5 program they have installed. What makes Insignia special is their vast technological equipment at hand, the only thing they lack is the same 'experience' as Invisalign. 

Insignia Vs Invisalign:

Their express treatment can still only deal with a maximum of 10 aligner sets (like Invisalign have with Express 10) -- the difference here is that your Orthondontist will alters the digital model to alter where your teeth will ultimately end up (whereas Invisalign a trained technician will do it). You can see the final digital print out yourself. The cost is not that much cheaper than Invisalign, still being pretty hefty at an average of around $4500 or so.

For me personally, if your teeth straightening is a big job I would go with what is the "Gold Standard of Invisible Braces" Invisalign (Johnathan Abenaim, DMD - Ridgewood Cosmetic dentist), the company has years upon years of experience and vast resources to invest with, their product has been tried & tested and come out time and time again with shining colors. 

If it is a smaller job though, this is where you want to consider your options and consult with your Ortho or dentist, as although Invisalign offer an express version (10 or 5 sets of aligners) there a quite a few companies like Invisalign that do a pretty good job (at a cheaper price) of "minor" operations.

Are there any other companies like Inivsalign that I have failed to mention, please do let me know. Also if you are considering an Invisalign alternative let me know which one and why?