I Want To Know If Medical Coding and Billing Is Right For Me

If you are wondering if Medical Coding and Billing is a good career for you, the answer totally depends on you.  It really depends on what you are looking for in a career and where you want to take your career.  Other factors you may want to consider while trying to make a decision is cost of tuition vs. your starting salary. How much tuition can you actually afford to pay back when added into your other living expenses? How long do you want to be in school before you get out into the work force? All these are very valid considerations. 

In today’s climate, many potential students do not want to incur a large student loan bill because there is no guarantee that they will find a job once they complete their education.  With careers like Medical Coding and Billing, Nursing, Histology and Radiology, you can attend a specialized training program for 2 years or less and then come to solid job markets in those fields.  As long as there is a medical field, there will always be medical coding and medical billing.

How Much Do Medical Coding and Billing Specialists Make?

Salary is always a factor.  Most people choose a career that has room for position advancement, which means room for salary advancement.  There are those who choose a profession simply for enjoyment purposes and really do not care about salary, but let’s face it, that’s not most of us.  When you choose a profession, you want to make sure that it can sustain your lifestyle and support your goals, which may or may not include a family. Medical Coding and Billing salaries can range anywhere from $20,000 to $50,000 if you are working for a client such as a doctor, dentist, outpatient services or the federal government.  If you work for yourself and get your own clients, the salary can be much higher.


Is Medical Coding and Billing Hard

It Depends.  Nursing is a hard; however, the 2-year RN program may not be as difficult as the 4-year BSN program.  It really depends on the program you choose and what additional certifications you may want.  You can attend a 2-year Medical Coding and Billing program at a college or university that may be much harder and much more comprehensive than a 9-month program you can get at online schools like Penn Foster and US Career Institute. Both routes while they prepare you for work in the real world have different degree of difficulty.

If you are not math and medical terminology oriented, then you should probably reconsider taking on this profession.  You will need to know extensive medical terminology and you need to know how to work specific software for your career path. Both of which can be learned, but you need to know, respect and understand what you are getting into.  It is not difficult if you are going to dedicate and apply yourself but it isn’t going to be filled with “bird” courses either. You can read more about the certification requirements for this program-Press Here.

Is Medical Coding and Billing In Demand?

You betcha! According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, this is an upwardly mobile profession that will increase 21 percent between 2010 and 2020.  This means that there is a great demand for Medical Coding and Billing Specialists. Considering the fact that you can complete a program in 9 months and pay less than $1000 depending on the program to get started, you can see why more and more people get into Medical Coding and Billing as a profession.  Even if you have bad credit, you can still get a personal loan to pay for your education and pay that off within a year or two.  If you decide to go the college 2 year Associates program instead, it is still an affordable way to get trained and begin work immediately. 

Whatever program you choose, you should make sure they have a career services department that will either help place you in a job or help you prepare for and look for a job.  A good career services department will help you prepare your resume and help you find good job prospects. Those who are planning on starting their own Medical Coding and Billing business may not need this type of service but if you are planning on working for someone else, this is definitely something you should make sure the school or program you attend includes the tuition.

Can I Do Medical Coding and Billing From Home?

Yes, you can! In fact, many work at home parents decide to do something like Medical Coding and Billing or Medical Transcription from home while they stay home with their children.  With the many different online programs such as the two mentioned above Penn Foster and US Career Institute, you can pretty much train at home and start working from home. 

Most work from home jobs are Customer Service oriented and usually require a quiet workspace free from background noise. For those parent who work from home and have young children, you know how difficult it is to work the hours you want because you have to maintain a quiet and professional environment when dealing with telephone customer service.  However working as a Medical Transcriptionist or a Medical Coding and Billing Specialist gives you the opportunity not only to make your own schedule, but to be able to work while your children are active, shouting or playing. 

There are online companies that hire work from home Medial Coding and Billing Specialists, however, you should really work on trying to get your own clients.  The “The Medical Billing Home Business Bible: "Step-By-Step Advice On Setting Up, Opening & Operating A Successful Medical Billing Business From HomeThe Medical Billing Home Business Bible: "Step-By-Step Advice On Setting Up, Opening & Operating A Successful Medical Billing Business From Home"Credit: Amazon.com (Please see buy now link on the main page)by Paul Hackett, gives you a step by step process to setting up your Home business in Medical Coding and Billing, including how to get your clients.  This book, as well asStart Your Own Medical Claims Billing Service,”Start Your Own Medical Claims Billing ServiceCredit: Amazon.com (Please see buy now link on the main page)by Entrepreneur Press, will help you in your work at home Medical Coding and Billing Business.



Only you can really decide if Medical Coding and Billing is a good career for you, however, this career path does have many positive things going for it.  Make sure you research other professions and different schools and before you decide the best career path for you.