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Many of us have come across facts and figures concerning the possession of wealth in the hands of the rich and the poor in society. These facts claim that 5% of the people on earth have about half of the entire wealth or even more. What do many have to say concerning this? Injustice! What is my view on this? Well, I'm the kind who likes to take things slow before arriving at a final answer. If you still want my immediate view on this, I would say that it's inaccurate.

In one of my articles, Wealth is What Everyone wants - Not Money; I noted that wealth is not the same as money. Money may be fixed, but not so with wealth. Wealth is the stuff people want. Money is the means by which wealth is moved around from one person or place to another. Many trying to start a business have this ingrained mindset that they have to pull some of the fixed wealth into their pockets. "You can't make the pie any larger," some would say. "You just have to do your best to get your own share." I mean if few rich people had all the money, it's left less for everyone else. So what's the point in battling the rich and powerful for their share? What about the little the rest have? Should you just take a huge piece of that one too? On that ideology, I may have to disagree. Entrepreneurs do not fear; there's more where that came from. 

You Can Make More Wealth 

When money is abstracted from its primary role in relation to wealth, it will lead anyone astray. Once it's understood that money is just a means to move wealth, I think a smile would begin to form on your face. Money may appear fixed, but money is not that important; wealth is. So here's the good news; wealth can be created. You can make more wealth. In fact, kids do that all the time. They make wealth without actually realizing it. Let's say, its mummy's birthday. John, her 5 year old kid, has no money to buy a gift for her. What does he do? He makes one. He finds some stuff around the house and makes it into a gift. Was that a gift? Yes. Did it make anyone poorer? No. Wealth was created. 

The people most likely to grasp this are the creative ones. The novel writers, song writers, musicians, scriptwriters etc. They make something almost out of nothing but creative juices in the form of ideas and imagination, and yes a good voice.

What about sports people like Christiano Ronaldo, Serena Williams, Lebron James, Tiger Woods, Usain Bolt and Michael Phelps?  These people make wealth with their outstanding physical capabilities. Their wealth is right within them.

Computer programmers are one of my best examples. A programmer can sit down in front of his laptop and create wealth. He/she can make a valuable software with no manufacturing process. The characters within the programming language(s) are the complete, finished product. Once it's valuable, it will make the world much richer than it was before.

Wealth is stuff people want. Once you can make more of it, people will give you value in return for it. If your program makes living easier; people will purchase it. If your book is incredible (I love Harry Potter), people will pay to enjoy it. Don't focus on the money and it's limitations; focus on wealth. More importantly, focus on making more wealth. Give people what they want. Not only will you make the world richer, you too can be the same.