Muslims are bestowed upon by tons of blessings by Allah Almighty. When it comes to the sins, its Allah who directs us to take one step towards him and Allah in return, will take ten steps towards you. When it comes to the rewards, Allah directs us to read one word of Quran, in return he will multiply the reward by ten. A Dua, also known as Supplication, is one of the greatest gift by the divine authority of Allah.

Besides prayers, there are multiple ways to ask for Allah’s guidance, rewards and forgiveness. We must not think of our Islamic obligations for granted neither should we take into account the preaching of several quacks. The reason, there is Quran for each and every problem one may encounter in life. In this article, we will be focusing on Islamic Duas which are not to be considered trivial as nothing in Islam is trivial. Every single moment one spends during supplication, is a moment of great worth and importance.

Daily Duas:

Let’s have a look at the Islamic duas, which we strongly urge our Muslim brethren to not only memorize themselves, but also make your kids memorize them. It will lay the basis for higher moral grounds and your kids will remain protected from all evils of the society.

1. Dua to Mitigate Anger

Anger is a phenomenon which aims to portray a really horrific impression of you on others. It is something which our Prophet (S.A.W) has directed us to refrain from. It clouds the judgment of even the most moderate and calm-minded people and drives them to make illogical and impractical decisions.

An angry person becomes vulnerable from all aspects and when the anger goes, the same person is seen repenting over the follies he made during the state of anger. By the grace of Allah Almighty, Islam gives us a better solution to abate the level of anger and Dua we can do while in anger is:

Dua for Anger
This Dua is Recite to stop anger

2. Duas for Starting and Ending the Meal:

Eating meal is one of the fundamental activities which are involved in our daily routine. Sadly, a few of us remember Allah before and after taking the meal. The reason is, we have taken the blessings and rewards of Allah Almighty as for granted.

We simply ignore the fact that the meal we are eating, the drinks we are enjoying, are all being provided to us by Allah and without even asking. Even in our prayers, we ignore thanking Allah for the festivities he let provide us with. In order to show our true submission to our Almighty, we must memorize and recite the following duas:

Dua before Before a meal
Credit: Read this Dua before Before a meal

And after ending the meal, we should recite:


Dua After having a meal
Credit: After having a meal

3. Dua for Entrance and Exit from Masjid:

Islam has laid much emphasis on praying five times a day regularly. This religious obligation must be exercised in Masjid. And Masjid is also known as “Home of Allah”. There are some rules and regulations to be followed before entering and leaving Masjid.

Reciting these Prayers while entering and exiting, will not only portray our true submission to Allah, but also we will be held in high regards amongst those who took much care during entrance and exit. The meanings of these Islamic Prayers are quite straight forward upfront and are mentioned as follows:

For Entrance in Masjid
Credit: For Entrance:
Dua for For Exiting:
Credit: For Exiting:


As per the saying goes, “Charity Begins At Home”, it’s our responsibility to take the initiative and if the initiative you are taking is already pious and pure, rest assured you are going to be rewarded and honored.

The significance of Islamic Duas, how trivial may they seem, will be dawned upon us on judgment day when we will be asked as how did we offer prayers and how did you supplicate? Let’s start preparation of getting success right from this very moment so that we can remain in the domain of the loved ones.