An attack on Iran is unlikely to be carried out whilst uncertainty over Syria remains, for a variety of geo-political reasons. Simply put, the US ideal would be for a regime change in Syria followed by a similar one in Iran.

 There would then began a gradually game of encouraging stability and cohesion amidst the inevitable emergence of Sunni revival whilst, gently switching the Shia (in disparate locations) onto the methadone of political interaction with the Sunni and away from the heroin addiction of Iranian mullah money. The latter feeds itself by encouraging strife.


US Backing the Bombing of Iran 

As the fall of the Berlin Wall demonstrated, it is a sound policy to engage with the disparate elements in these unstable countries so that it is clear to any insurgents that they have a willing partner to interact with once they seize power. Not least, so that these elements can garner political support from their own population. US backing for the bombing of Iran is probably the best way to shore up internal support for the regime of the mullahs at a time when it is weakening.


The Role of the Jewish Lobby in US Politics 

Nor is it particularly in Israel's interest. However, it should be understood that the Jewish political lobby (it is about money not votes) in the US is commonly known as being far too the right of the median Israeli view on matters. The former do not have to live with the consequences of advocating policies that flout international law. Nor do they have to live with the possibility of the Iranian nuclear threat.


Newt Gingrich and Iran 

In this regard, I think that Newt Gingrich's pronouncements on the Middle East have been extremely dangerous. Declaring that the Palestinians are an 'invented' people and, implying that he would support any attack on Iran from Israel is not the way to encourage pro-US feeling in unstable regimes, or to accelerate the disaffected populaces' belief that the Western World is, in fact, their friend. However, it is a good way to destabilize the US' current strongest ally in the region, Saudi Arabia.


Mike Huckabee and Palestine

Granted, it falls short of previous Republican Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee's view that God's contract with the Jews overrides anyone else's title deeds. In other words, the solution of the question of the land of Palestine is ethnic cleansing it of Palestinians.

 I'm digressing. The central point is that any attack on Iran will have to be weighed up in the context of what else is happening in the Middle East. And there is a lot going on at the moment. Frankly, nothing surprises me about the behaviour of humans to each other these days.