Christian Tours to Israel: Top Ten Activities

Christian Tours to Israel: Top Ten Activities


Choose from any number of exciting Christian tours to Israel. You can explore the holy land and follow in the footsteps of those before you. Visit some of the most notable and historic places in Christian history such as the birthplace of John the Baptist, the location of the last supper, the shrine where the Dead Sea Scrolls are located and much more.

Christian Tours to Israel: Top Ten Activities

These Christian holy land tours in Israel will take you to historic biblical locations most people only dream of experiencing. You can literally walk in the shadow of Jesus and other important Christian influencers such as John the Baptist and the disciples of the last supper. Here are a few of the locations you can experience: 

Mount of Beatitude

It is here where Jesus delivered the Sermon on the Mount, which is near the Sea of Galilee and the Northern Israeli town of Ginosar. You can spend time at the plateau where many sermons were presented, including one as recent as 2000 by Pope John Paul II, or scale to higher ground to visit the stunning church with breathtaking panoramic views. 

Sea of Galilee

The Sea of Galilee, where Jesus walked on water, is an essential stop to complete any spiritual journey. You will be able to take a boat trip to the center of the sea and become completely immersed in the reality of your ancient surroundings as you contemplate what life must have been like for people centuries ago. 


Caesarea has a tremendous amount of religious history. Even though this port town is quite small, it has been at the center of a number of empire occupations including the Romans, Muslims and Arabs. The town is home to one of the most beautiful mosques in the country and a number of mesmerizing fountains. 

Mount Zion

Mount Zion, also known as the City of David, is located in Jerusalem. Mount Zion has a rich history throughout the centuries, and today is no different. This site has been used as a fortress, a temple and a water source. You can also visit the room of the last supper at Mount Zion, which is a transformative experience. 


Nazareth is a rather unique city in Israel as it is predominantly home to Muslims and Christians rather than to Jewish people. It is here, which is also home to childhood home of Jesus, where you will find many significant biblical locations and shrines. The architecture, monuments and carvings in Nazareth is some of the best and most historic in Israel. You will feel as though you have stepped back in time as you explore this vibrant and welcoming city. 


When you visit the Mediterranean city of Haifa, you will have an enlightening experience as you stroll through the stunning Persian Gardens. You can continue your spiritual awaking by visiting the Baha'i Temple. Haifa is also a charming and romantic city that also features a great beach, shopping and museums. There is even a German colony within the city. 

Jordan River

The Jordan River is referred to as the source of fertility in the bible. Everyone will have the opportunity to be baptized in the iconic and historic Jordan River. It was here where Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist. The Al-Maghtas Ruins are a UNESCO World Heritage site. Today, the river is a highly important water source for Syria, Jordan and Israel. 


Petra, also known as the Rose City, is actually located in Jordan rather than Israel, however it has also has historical significance. It is one of the most visited temples in this magical region. The city was considered lost for hundreds of years and now burst with energy and activity. It, too, is a UNESCO World Heritage site. 


The Qumran ruins are over 2,000 years old and are not to be missed. They are located in the West Bank and protected by the Israel Qumran National Park. The ruins rest at the foot of the Dead Sea. It is here, near the Qumran Caves, where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered.

Herod's Palace

Herod's Palace is located inside Jerusalem. Within the palace grounds, you will be able to explore the Tower of David, beautiful gardens, courtyards, fountains, canals and much more. Each of the three towers has a rich and unique story. 

These Christian tours to Israel will bring you closer to God and enhance your faith to be stronger than ever before. The historical and biblical significance of these locations in Israel will transform you to a simpler time and change your life forever.