Jake and the Neverland Pirates toys are starting to climb up the lists of must have items of many children. This show that is on Disney Junior is a great educational program that children love to watch.


It is no wonder that toy manufacturers have created so many created toys to go with this show. From the fun idea of pirates to the tale of Peter Pan and Captain Hook, there are so many great adventures to be had that these toys are just thing for young creative minds to explore with.


Jake and the Neverland Pirates Pirate Ship Bucky


Every good pirate needs a great ship to take him to his adventures. Jake and his crew have just a ship. Its name is Bucky and this member of the show is just as loved as Jake and the other pirates.


This toy has a great pirate song and pirate sayings that play when the right button is pressed. It also has some hidden surprises for old Captain Hook if he should pop up. With a press of a button Pirate Ship Bucky will release Tick Tock Croc from its side to scare away the ole Captain.


There is a canon that fires water balls at anyone who should try to stop this group of pirates from their treasure hunt.


This toy has already been put on the Amazon and Toys R Us most wanted toy list so you know that it will sell out fast so make sure to orders yours soon.


Hook’s Adventure Rock


If you are going to play pirates with your Jake and the Neverland Pirates toys, you are going to need a place for the bad guys to hang out. Hook’s Adventure Rock is just the place.


This lair has many different traps laid out to try to catch Jake and anyone else who should happen to appear there. There are places to put the figures so that they can look out at the Neversea to see who is coming.


This pirate toy does come with Captain Hook, a row boat, and projectiles for the canon. All other figures are sold separately.


Jake and the Neverland Pirates Skull Island


At the end of the adventures and when they have collected all of their treasure, Jake and his crew head back to Skull Island. This is where you will see Bucky parked when he is not sailing the seas.


This toy also has a working canon and a place in the eye of the skull where one can watch out for Captain Hook. The Skull Island playset comes with a Peter Pan figure, projectiles for the canon, and a flag pole.


Jake and the Neverland Pirates Merchandise


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