Kitchen flooring options

You have many kitchen flooring options from which to choose when you are remodeling or building a home. You have to consider many factors when you are looking into a good flooring option. For instance, if you are accident prone or have children who may slip and fall, you may want to avoid slick, hard floors like marble that can cause injury. You definitely do not want to put carpeting or other hard to clean surfaces in a room that is likely to see lots of spills and other stains.


Many people may go with a traditional choice such as wood. However, many are eschewing bamboo since it is considered a more ecologically friendly choice. Either type of floor works when you want to create a warm and cozy look for your home. Furthermore, if you tend to stand for long periods of time, this option may work because it feels good under the foot. If you are going with bamboo, you have to keep in mind that this material requires some special care.


Cork is another choice in kitchen flooring options you have when you are looking for a unique design and style for your floor. Cork has lots of benefits such as water resistance and a reduction of noise impact. You can also use cork if you want to add some color to your kitchen and want a look that is more whimsical and fun. Furthermore, cork is versatile and durable, so it will last for a very long time.


If you want something that gives your kitchen more of a traditional or Old World look, limestone may just be the most ideal of the kitchen flooring options. However, this is a natural stone, so it requires some special care upon installation as well as regular maintenance. For instance, limestone must be sealed when it is installed because it is a porous material. You also have to seal it at least twice a year in order to keep it in good condition.


Tile is also another common choice among kitchen flooring options. Tile comes in many different materials including stone. However, many people enjoy the feel and look of ceramic tile, which tends to insulate better than a few flooring materials. Another benefit of tile is that you can choose from an array of colors and styles. If you like to work with borders and other decorative designs, you can mix and match tiles in order to create a design completely unique to your kitchen.


One of the least expensive commercial kitchen flooring options you will find on the market is vinyl. Vinyl comes in tiles and sheets and your decision may very well depend upon what you have to work with in your budget. However, this flooring is resilient and vinyl tends to be very easy to clean. As with many other kinds of flooring, you can choose from lots of different colors and styles and create your own designs to keep the kitchen interesting.

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