Strip pattern knitted on a T-Shirt

Knit a Patriotic Stars and Stripes Yoke on a T-Shirt


Striped yoke

To dress up a plain T-Shirt with a knitted yoke you'll need some knowledge of how to knit. This project will take about 8 to 10 hours to complete, depending on your skill. Change the colors to match any flag.

Things You'll Need:

     100% cotton worsted weight yarn approximately:
     80 yards of red
     80 yards of white
     80 yards of dark blue
     12 white or silver star shaped buttons
     2-1/2 yards red embroidery floss
     thread for sewing on buttons
     sewing needle
     size 7- 24 inch circular knitting needle
     size 5-16 inch circular knitting needle
     row marker and ruler

yoke 1

   Step 1...Wash and dry T-Shirt according to the label directions. Press.

    Step 2...Lay the T-Shirt on a smooth, flat surface. Using the ruler, measure down 5-inches from the bottom of the neck ribbing and mark with a washable marking pen. Measure and mark until the whole yoke has been done.


   yoke 2
     Step 3...Now connect the marks to make a continuous line.


yoke 4

Step 4...With embroidery floss and beginning at the right shoulder seam, loosely sew along the line in a running stitch. Use 4-stitches per inch. Do this all around the yoke of the shirt. Tie off.

yoke 5

Step 5...To pick up stitches for knitting, use the size 7 needle and red yarn. Start on the right shoulder and hold the shirt with the neck edge toward you, slip the needle under the the first running stitch, yarn over, and pull up the stitches, take care from pulling the running stitches, it will cause gathers.

yoke 6

Step 6...Keep  working this way until all running stitches have been picked up. Now, you will work in continuous rounds changing colors as per pattern.


      Rounds 2-3: Knit around.
      Round 4: Purl around.
      Rounds 5-7: With the white yarn, knit around.
      Round 8: (P 10, P2 together) around.
      Rounds 9-11: Purl around.
      Round 12: Purl around.
      Rounds 13-15: With white, knit around.
      Round 16: (P9, P2 together) around.
      Rounds 17-19: With red, knit around.
      Round 20: Purl around.
      Rounds 21-23: With white knit around.
      Round 24: (P8, P2 together) around.
      Rounds 25-29: With dark blue, knit around.
      Round 30: (K7, K2 together) around.
      Rounds 31-32: Knit around.
      Round 33: (K6, K2 together) around.
      Knit until yoke reaches the bottom of the neck ribbing of the T-shirt, decreasing to 88 stitches.
      Using the size 5 needles work in ribbing K2, P2 for 1 inch.
      Bind off loosely.
      Sew on buttons.

      Sew on the buttons. Colors can be easily changed to denote any flag colors. Buttons change for added touch.