white kitchen cabinets

White cabinetry installed in the kitchen carries a classic and timeless element to it and adapts to all kinds of styles, namely the contemporary, European, country or modern.  White kitchen cabinets which have always remained a favorite choice among interior designers are usually available in thermofoil or laminate. However, custom white kitchen cabinetry can also be ordered in a painted cream or white finish with glazed or distressed details.
Setting up a White Kitchen

Furniture: When installing white kitchen cabinets combine the cabinetry with a black counter top and include black furniture such as stools or chairs besides these cabinets. Using black and white design creates a working environment in your cooking space.

Colors:  Using mint green or rose paint on the walls of your white kitchen or adding color inside your cabinets or through wall art or accessories can add a dash of color to your kitchen, thereby making it  look stylish and classy.

Lighting: Let the lighting of your white kitchen occupy the center stage. Opting for a bold choice in overhead lighting will showcase your personality without making any kind of permanent statement.  

Advantages of using White Kitchen Cabinets

Crisp and Clean: The color white which is often associated with cleanliness and freshness tends to merge perfectly with the concept of food preparation.  A white kitchen usually tends to give you a feeling of hygiene and cleanliness. This gives your cooking space a sanitary feeling, thereby making it more inviting and appealing for you to work in this space.

Enhances Space Area: Using white cabinets in your kitchen can make your kitchen appear larger, thereby creating a feeling of greater space. This can be especially beneficial for small or gallery styled kitchens. However, apart from adding white kitchen cabinetry, opt for glass fronted cabinet doors to further enhance space and create a sense of openness in smaller kitchens.

Versatility: One of the greatest benefits of installing white cabinets in your kitchen is the fact they work well with a variety of accessories, colors, and hardware and door styles, thereby making your kitchen look trendy and elegant.

Disadvantages of using White Kitchen Cabinets

Regular Maintenance: The fact that white cabinets in the kitchen tend to reveal dirt, fingerprint smudges, cooking oil and starches quite easily, it is important to clean them on a regular basis.

Fail to be Evergreen: Painted white kitchen cabinets often tend to turn yellowish in color due to age and sun exposure. Moreover, since white cabinets reveal cracks more easily when compared to other colored cabinets, these cabinets fail to be evergreen in the long run.

Glaringly Bright: The fact those glossy white cabinets tend to reflect light, having large windows in the kitchen or a lot of interior lighting can make your kitchen glaringly bright.
Including white kitchen cabinets in your cooking space is a great way set your mood to prepare delicious meals for the day.

The fact that a white kitchen offers great versatility and benefits, it proves to be the ideal kitchen for many people across the globe.  

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