Kodak EasyShare Cameras

Learn the difference between Kodak C-Series and Kodak M-Series

Kodak is one of the best-selling camera brands on the market. The Kodak brand is synonymous with photography. Kodak cameras are available nearly everywhere that digital cameras are sold. Major retail chains like Best Buy, Target and Walmart, usually carry a variety of KodaKodak EasySharek cameras. Similarly, major online retailers like Amazon.com and Buy.com also have various Kodak cameras in their inventory. Finding a Kodak camera that you like shouldn’t be hard especially if you know the difference between the various lines of cameras that Kodak has to offer.


 Kodak EasyShare C-Series Digital Cameras

 Kodak’s C-series line of cameras is typically the least expensive of all of Kodak’s digital cameras. These cameras are entry-level cameras with basic features and simpler construction. The price and simplicity of use of this series of cameras makes this a great gift idea for first time digital camera owners such as children, senior citizens and those that aren’t tech-savvy.  Kodak’s C-series is usually priced starting well under $100. (The Kodak C183 digital camera is available for just $69.) The zoom on these models ranges from 3x optical zoom to 5x optical zoom. Like the other Kodak EasyShare cameras, the C-series offers a video recording mode and pre-programed scene modes.

Kodak EasyShare C183 Blue


Pros: Inexpensive digital camera, simple to use, lightweight, great for first timers.

Cons: Cheaper construction lacks advanced in-camera features, runs on AA lithium batteries (rechargeable batteries may be substituted.)




Kodak EasyShare M-Series Digital Cameras

The M-series is the “sleek and stylish” line of Kodak digital cameras. These cameras are the slimmest and most compact point-and-shoot cameras of all of Kodak’s line of cameras. M-Series cameras typically come in a greater variety of colors and have more in-camera features than C-Series cameras. The zoom on the M-Series models come in either 3x, 4x, 5x or 8x optical zoom. Some of the M-Series models boast Schnieider-Kreuznach lens. This is a feature that is available in all of the models in Kodak's Z-Series. Like both the C-Series and Z-Series models, the M-Series boasts an exclusive share button for streamlined posting to social media sites like facebook, flickr, and twitter. These cameras are priced to start just above the $100 mark .

Pros: Sturdier construction than the C-series, stylish and compact, advanced features.

Cons: lacks bigger zoom.



Kodak EasyShare Z-Series Digital Cameras

Kodak Z-Series cameras combine performance and high-zoom. These cameras are for consumers that are looking for a more robust set of features and lots of zoom capability without making financial investment of a DSLR camera. These cameras a have a great set of features that can be mastered without a steep learning curve. Like select models in the Kodak Easyshare M-Series all Z-Series cameras have Schnieider-Kreuznach lenes. The zoom ranges from 20x optical zoom to 30x optical and these cameras start in the $200 range.

Pros: great long zoom, nice set of features, Schnieder-Kreuznach lens.

Cons: bulky, more costly.




Choosing a camera that you're comfortable is one of the most important aspects of taking great pictures. If you're interested in reading more articles about digital photography, check out my article of quick and easy Digital Photography_Tips and this article about Tripods. Once you asset your needs and compare them to the features that each series of cameras has to offer, you will be able to pinpoint which Kodak camera is the best for you.