Many people think that learning how to play the drums is hard...and it is! However, it becomes much easier when broken down into small parts!

Think about a novel for a is broken up into small paragraphs and chapters rather than being a massive chunk of text!

Learning how to play the most basic drum beat is absolutely essential because it is the foundation for all of the other drum beats and fills that you will learn. Heck, it is even important to learn how to count to 4 in your head while you are playing!

I know that it is difficult to learn how to play a basic drum beat through text, but I have tried my hardest to explain the steps in as much detail as possible. Follow along slowly and you will surely be drumming in no time!

Basically the basic drum beat is comprised of 4 counts and can be divided into 3 parts!

-The first part involves the hi-hat cymbal

-The second part involves the bass drum

-The third part involves the snare drum

The First Part-Hitting The Hi Hat Cymbal

You are going to begin by counting to 4 very slowly. You will be focusing on hitting the hi-hat on each count.

You will be using the drum stick that is in your left hand to hit the hi-hat during each count up to 4.

The 4 actions will look like:

hi-hat, hi-hat, hi-hat, hi-hat.

Keep practicing the first part until you can hit the hi-hat on each count without even thinking about should be mindless by the time that you move onto the second part!

The Second Part-Incorporating The Bass Drum

The second part is relatively simple and involves using your right foot to hit the bass drum pedal on the first count, while simultaneously hitting the hi-hat on each of the 4 counts! Basically, you will be doing everything from the first part while incorporating the bass drum into the first count!

The 4 actions will look like:

hi-hat/bass drum, hi-hat, hi-hat, hi-hat.

The Third Part-Hitting The Snare Drum

You are almost finished learning how to play your first drum beat!

Once you have mastered the first 2 parts, you will be concentrating on hitting the snare drum on the third count. Take into account that you should still be playing the same hi-hat and bass drum beat from the second are adding in the snare shot! Proper drumming stance involves using the stick that is in your left hand to hit the snare drum!

The 4 actions will look like:

hi-hat/bass drum, hi-hat, hi-hat/snare drum, hi-hat.

There you have have learned how to play the most basic drum beat!

It may not sound like a drum beat when you are playing it slowly; however, speeding up the tempo will allow you to hear the percussion style within the beat!