Story Summary:

Created by David Shore, the made for TV drama House is characterized by following the anti-social Dr. Gregory House (played by Hugh Laurie) and his team of diagnostician Dr's as they diagnose patient illnesses which are often obscure and un-resolvable by standard medical care.

The story takes place in the (fictional) Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital and highlights House's relationships with his team: Allison Cameron (Jennifer Morrison), Robert Chase (Jesse Spenser), Eric Foreman (Omar Epps) as well as his boss Lisa Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein) and his one friend Dr. James Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard).

House has been compared to Sherlock Holmes in a number of ways throughout the TV Show. They're both loners, drug attics and have extremely powerful powers of observation that help them solve mysteries (medical or otherwise). It should come as no surprise then that the producers have inserted not so obvious hints to this effect such as House's residence.

At one point when leaving his home with Wilson you can clearly see hHouse - Sherlock Holmes Referenceis street address: 221B. This is a clear reference to Sherlock Holmes of 221B baker street.

House references Sherlock Holmes again when House receives a mysterious gift. Wilson is asked about who or where the gift could have come from. Wilson talks about a former patient Irene Adler who was "The Woman" for House that got away. This whole story is a reference to the first Sherlock Holmes installment called, "The Scandal in Bohemia" where Sherlock Holmes accepts a case for Miss Irene Adler who for him is, "The Woman" that got away. At the end of the story, she leaves Holmes a gift which he keeps and displays on his Mantelpiece.

The producers are also not above referencing their own show. When house approaches Cameron about getting cable TV in "coma" guys room she says, "I'm not going to give you cable! You're going to have to somehow survive off broadcast networks alone" to which House responds, "I'll be fine on Tuesdays".

During the third season House's Tivo listings are shown. The list is comprised entirely of BBC programs (Hugh Laurie is British) which coincidentally Hugh Laurie has roles in. The list includes the Black Adder series and A Bit of Fry.

Once when House was examining a near comatose patient while another Dr. (Joel Grey) is in the room, he lifts the patients blanket and says, "Now pay no attention to the man behind the curtain". This is a reference to The Wizard of Oz in which Joel Grey played the role of the Wizard in the Broadway show "Wicked".

I'm sure there are plenty of others! If you know of some not listed here, feel free to share them in a comment below the article.

List of house episodes Season 1: 2004–2005 (22 Episodes)

In order of appearance: Everybody Lies, Paternity, Occam's Razor, Maternity, Damned if You Do, The Socratic Method, Fidelity, Poison, DNR, Histories, Detox, Sports Medicine, Cursed, Control, Mob Rules, Heavy, Role Model, Babies & Bathwater, Kids, Love Hurts, Three Stories and Honeymoon.

List of house episodes Season 2: 2005–2006 (24 Episodes)

In order of appearance: Acceptance, Autopsy, Humpty Dumpty, TB or Not TB, Daddy's Boy, Spin, Hunting, The Mistake, Deception, Failure to Communicate, Need to Know, Distractions, Skin Deep, Sex Kills, Clueless, Safe, All In, Sleeping Dogs Lie, House vs. God, Euphoria (Part 1), Euphoria (Part 2), Forever, Who's Your Daddy? And No Reason.

List of house episodes Season 3: 2006–2007 (24 Episodes)

In order of appearance: Meaning, Cane and Able, Informed Consent, Lines in the Sand, Fools for Love, Que Sera Sera, Son of Coma Guy, Whac-A-Mole, Finding Judas, Merry Little Christmas, Words and Deeds, One Day One Room, Needle in a Haystack, Insensitive, Half-Wit, Top Secret, Airborne, Act Your Age, House Training, Family, Resignation, The Jerk and Human Error.

List of house episodes Season 4: 2007–2008 (16 Episodes)

In order of appearance: Alone, The Right Stuff, 97 Seconds, Guardian Angels, Mirror Mirror, Whatever It Takes, Ugly, You Don't Want to Know, Games, It's a Wonderful Lie", Frozen, Don't Ever Change, No More Mr. Nice Guy, Living the Dream, Houses Head and Wilson's Heart.

List of house episodes Season 5: 2008–2009 (24 Episodes)

In order of appearance: Dying Changes Everything, Not Cancer, Adverse Events, Birthmarks, Lucky Thirteen, Joy, The Itch, Emancipation, Last Resort, Let Them Eat Cake, Joy to the World, Painless, Big Baby, The Greater Good, Unfaithful, The Softer Side, The Social Contract, Here Kitty, Locked In, Simple Explanation, Saviors, House Divided, Under My Skin and Both Sides Now.

List of house episodes Season 6: 2009–2010 (22 Episodes)

In order of appearance: Broken (Part 1), Broken (Part 2), Epic Fail, The Tyrant, Instant Karma, Brave Heart, Known Unknowns, Teamwork, Ignorance is Bliss, Wilson, The Down Low, Remorse, Moving the Chains, 5 to 9, Private Lives, Black Hole, Lockdown, Knight Fall, Open and Shut, The Choice, Baggage and Help Me.

For those that are wondering – House will be returning for a 7th Season in the fall of 2010! DVD's are available at a number of online and local retailers if you'd like to own the series or catch up on missed episodes.