Hydroponic gardening is quickly becoming a great way for families to enjoy fresh flavorful vegetables right from their own gardens. Hydroponic gardens only require a small space for the roots to absorb liquid nutrients. Plants absorb nutrients through their roots, in soil they must use most of their energy to grow a vast root system looking for nutrients in the soil. Hydro gardens supply nutrients directly to a small root system, allowing the plant to spend its energy growing vegetables. There are many plants that do well in a hydroponic garden.


Tomatoes are a great vegetable to grow in a hydro garden and will be much more flavorful than store bought tomatoes. The process that most growers use to make tomatoes survive the trip to the market and look ripe and delicious makes them less nutritious and much less flavorful. Hydro tomatoes are easy to grow and delicious.


Peppers are a great type of plant and encompass a large family of produce. Bell peppers and banana peppers are a great vegetable to grow in a hydro garden and grow to have the best flavor you can find in a pepper. Jalapenos are another popular pepper to grow due to their popularity in many dishes and salsas. All varieties of peppers do exceptionally well and will grow much larger and colorful than anything you can buy in markets.


Herbs are a very popular crop and have a large variety of uses in the kitchen. Basil and other leafy herbs have some of the largest growth and flavor when grown in hydro gardens. Herbs are a great crop to grow due to the limited size they take up and can be easily harvested for inclusion in many dishes and cuisines.


Lettuces are a great choice for hydroponic gardens. Lettuce grown in hydro gardens is more colorful and full of nutrients. There are many varieties of lettuce that can be grown but the most popular are bibb lettuce and butter crunch lettuce. Oakleaf lettuce and other loose leaf lettuces can be grown in hydro gardens but take a large amount of space to grow for one or two salads worth of lettuce.


Cucumbers are a great plant to grow in hydro gardens due to the high water content. Cucumbers will grow quickly and easily in a hydro garden. The gardener will need to maintain the vine and prune when the stalk gets much past seven leaf strands.