Windows or Mac?

The great debate, is a PC better than a Mac, or is a Mac better than a PC? Unfortunately there is no real universal answer (sorry guys). It really does depend on what the end-user needs their computer to do for them. I’ll discuss the pros and cons of both to give you an idea on both in order for you to make your decision and to form your own opinion. In general, PC’s don’t cost nearly as much as Macs do, which is a positive about the PC. Macs look elegant, but personally I find the user interface an absolute pain to use. Macs are usually for people who want to do video editing and artistic related tasks. Another downside is that they can’t play games to save themselves. But as they are very locked down in terms of configuring it outside of its means, and not to mention that most of the world uses Windows, Macs rarely get viruses. Windows users usually get the tough end of the stick, because hackers write viruses/malware for what the market mainly use. Since this is the case, anti-virus are vital to keep your computer up and running if you’re using Windows.

The good thing with PC’s is that upgrading it, assuming it’s a desktop, is much more enjoyable and simple than trying to upgrade a Mac. You usually have to take out 1000 screws just to get to the part you need to get access to, and even then, getting the exact parts is a nightmare too. Obviously, Macs will cost more, and you guessed it, the parts to replace or upgrade are much more expensive too. It’s almost like, your screen’s broken, you have to hope to god you have warranty from Apple Care, and if not, you just outlay another couple of grand to buy a new Mac. In that sense they're a bit one-dimensional in terms of being able to fix them if something is to go wrong.

The cost of operating systems can create a point. Buying Apple’s operating system Mac OS X, and upgrades are around $30 (at this time of writing), where you pay at least $90-$100+ for a OEM licence for Windows. The common theme and what most PC fans will say is that they can build their own PC which has twice the power for half the price. This is generally true as well, with the gradual reduction of the cost of normal computer parts. Windows is quirky at times for no real reason. Driver issues pop up every now and again, and software issues can occur occasionally. Since I’ve never owned a Mac, hearing experiences from other people, they mention how you can just turn it on and it works. In this instance, Apple computers are usually quite stable for a lengthy period.

Long story short, if you want a simple interface, to do everything a normal person would want to do, such as play games, browse the web, type out a few documents that’s pretty affordable, then Windows is the best option. If you’re in the media side of things where appearance plays a role and you need to do video editing or multimedia related tasks, and money’s not really an issue, go for an iMac or Macbook.

Here’s a picture I saw a few years ago, it might well be true to this day.


Mac vs PC