I love photography and filming insects.  There is something about insects that attracts me.  The subtle things they do that not many people get to see.  The fly that has hair or the wasp with dew on its back.  Macro photography is my favorite type of photography.  I was out with my family and the mosquitoes were eating us alive.  I decided I would film a mosquito bite up close.  This macro video was captured at 3x magnification in High Definition.  This video was captured on a Canon 5D Mark II camera and a Canon MP-E 65mm 1x-5x lens.  It took awhile to get the video right because the mosquitoes were jumpy and I think they were camera shy.  Once I found one that was willing to be filmed I was able to capture this video.

The mosquito in this video is a female.  Only the female mosquito will bite and suck blood.  Blood is needed by the female for her eggs to develope.  The male mosquito doesnt lay any eggs so he never needs to feed on blood.  Both male and female mosquito actually feed mostly on sugary substances from plants.  Necture is the primary food source for mosquitoes.  The female is about to store sugar in a seperate part fo the body from blood.  The blood is stored in the stomach where it is processed for the developing eggs while the sugar is used by the mother mosquito.

Mosquitoes are responsible for more deaths than any other animal on the planet.  Mosquitoes carry several dieases including Dengue fever, Malaria, and Yellow Fever.  Malaria is the disease more often associated with mosquitoes.  Malaria is responible for over a million deaths each year.  Poor countries where proper medical attention cant be given have a sharp increase in deaths.  AIDS can not be transmitted by a mosquito.  Several test have been conducted and no research indicates that AIDS can be transmitted or has ever been transmitted from a mosquito.  Several ways the mosquito processes the blood prevents AIDS from being transmitted.

Mosquitoes live anywhere from a few days to several months.  There are around roughly 3000 known and identified species of mosquitoes.

I remember a rumor I heard in school.  The rumor said that if you were to squeeze your skin around a mosquito that it would prevent the mosquito from withdrawing it mouth part.  The mosquito would not be able to stop the flow of blood and it would eventually pop.  I dont know if this rumor is true but maybe my next assignment will be to test this theory out.