When writing it’s easy to slip into the mindset of writing what you think your audience wants, writing for search engine optimization, or trying to make a quick pitch to sell something. Those tricks won’t work on me, and I’m certain it won’t work on my smart readers. Juice up your style by following the steps below.

1. Be passionate about your subject

Have you ever read an article which kept you glued to the page to the very last word? There’s no question that the author was passionate about what they were writing about. This doesn’t mean to only write about what you know. The Internet is filled with new things you can learn about, not to mention, readers love to follow someone learning or trying something new, it’s vicarious living, and it’s a blast!

2. Use vocabulary

A blank page is an empty canvas on which to express your thoughts. If you went into a gallery and only saw yellow canvases with a wooden border on display, chances are you would get bored quickly and go in search of something that challenged or broadened your thinking. Use the palette of colors to elicit the response you desire.

3. Be a unique voice

Your writing voice may get lost in the crowd if you echo what has already been said. There is no one who has your exact point of view, and this is a huge benefit to readers. When giving your honest opinion in writing it rings true through every word. This builds trust between you and your audience, which will keep them coming back.

4. Make your content relevant

Giving a dog a bath routinely keeps them smelling nice. What does that sentence have to do with improving your writing? That sentence has nothing to do with writing at all. When you choose a topic to write about keep the information focused on that topic. When a writer slips in and out of subjects, it’s a waste of time to the reader, and you can lose their readership in an instant.

5. Give an action step

An article will linger in my mind if I’m invited by the writer to take an action that will improve my life or the life of someone I love. The action should be something that the reader can do immediately like writing a list, changing a point of view, or reading another article you have written. Action makes a memory, and memories will beckon repeat readers.

When you write in your true, passionate voice, with broad strokes of vocabulary and relevance to your topic, it will influence your audience to take action and maybe help you make a buck.

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