Clickbank is one of the leading Internet money making income opportunities there is. Find out how to make a great second income as a Clickbank affiliate and join the millions of people who have made loads of money with the Internet's best source of passive income! Read on to discover my top tips for being a successful Clickbank affiliate...

Make money by being a Clickbank affiliate

Signing up for a Clickbank affiliate account is really easy and takes a few minutes. The key is to choose the right moment in your Internet career for launching your Clickbank marketing efforts.

My first tips are how to get started with Clickbank:

  • Clickbank will take your hard earned cash away if you don't make a number of sales in a certain time period. This is harsh, and very discouraging for newbies. But it means affiliates are motivated to sell more products!
  • To get round the fact that Clickbank takes away money from low earning affiliates, don't sign up for Clickbank until you have at least 100 web pages, and a decent level of traffic (say 250 visitors a day to your pages).
  • Don't sign up for Clickbank until you have experience of cost per click earning such as through Google's Adsense. If you've failed with Adsense, there's no way you'll succeed with Clickbank!
  • If you have a niche site or forum then Clickbank is a great idea provided you can find some good products in your niche. For example, a site about back pain could do very well selling all those Clickbank affiliate products about coping with back pain, and you'd most likely earn way more from Clickbank than from simply showing Adsense ads on that site.

Top tips for choosing Clickbank affiliate products to market

I mainly use so-called Article Writing techniques to market Clickbank affiliate products. Here is my Clickbank affiliate product marketing routine:

  • I like to choose products from the Clickbank Marketplace, but if you have a look on the Internet there are loads of other Clickbank related sites that will allow you to search for great products to market.
  • I like to choose products from the Clickbank Marketplace that are original and cool!
  • I don't worry that the gravity is low - this means there is usually less competition to sell the products.
  • I like anything that will pay me at least $10 per sale.
  • I don't sell forex robots or weight loss solutions or suspicious looking Internet traffic building solutions or get rich schemes.
  • I avoid stuff that's difficult to sell due to the large amount of free information on the web. I very much doubt people will pay for recipes for example, as the Internet is awash with recipes! Although a niche book about gluten free diets or how to cook for a diabetic person, now that might be interesting!
  • I love stuff that I personally would want to buy. That means my sales copy will be much more enticing as my enthusiasm for the product will show up in my writing.
  • I always visit the vendor's site to make sure their sales copy is good.
  • I avoid marketing products where it's not essential for the customer to buy the product today. For example I saw some language learning videos which were great until I spotted that the customer could download a trial version, then buy later. I don't like that as the Clickbank cookie might expire or they might revisit the site and get another affiliate's cookie so I would lose the sale.
  • I don't make it too obvious that I am selling something. Remember my aim is to get people to click through to the sales pitch page, and I rely on the Clickbank vendor having a good sales pitch to convert my interested lead into a customer.
  • I have a standard way of marketing a product. It goes like this... I introduce a problem (e.g. back pain). I write about the problem. Then I introduce the reader to a great book/software product/other I've found that solves the problem. I include loads of benefits (be pain free...) I always introduce a money saving opportunity (no more back pain drugs, no more chiropractor bills...).
  • I like to introduce the personal angle, like talking about a problem I or someone I know has.
  • I link to the Clickbank hop at the top and the bottom of my articles about the product. I always put in a reference ID into the hop so I know which website the sale originated from.
  • Google's keyword suggestion tool is a nice source of keywords related to the product you're writing about - be sure to encapsulate the keywords related to the product in your article (e.g. "cure back pain")

I hope you find these Clickbank product affiliate marketing tips useful! If you have any comments about marketing Clickbank affiliate products then add comments below.