Strawberry Shortcake Theme Party

Organizing a birthday party for a child can be an exhausting experience, parents these days hardly have any time for it. They might end up paying somebody else to help with this. For example, many businesses offer a birthday package that includes the cake and pizza (usually) and other activities around the facilities (skating, bouncy houses). I think that works if you want to give your child two hours of fun and be done with it.

It doesn’t have to be that way, and you can make it into a memorable event for your child, and attendees (other children and their parents, and your family). A birthday party is supposed to entertain all those who attend, that includes adults and children. You can definitely make it into an experience by putting in a little effort.

Let’s start with the decoration, you don’t need to break the bank for this. However, if your only plan is purchasing one of those kits sold at party stores, then you might want to rethink your strategy. You only need to worry about the decoration around the birthday cake table. Similarly, you could decorate the gift table, which you can set for guests, they could leave presents for the birthday boy or girl. Finally, if you guests will be sitting at tables, you may want to create a centerpiece for each table.

Cake Table Decoration

By following this strategy, you can control the number of guests to the party, which could be people you really care about, those close to you. Of course, this process will need to start with planning then taking actions to implement the plan until the day when the party takes place.

The first step is to select a theme, which could be base around a favorite character, a color, or any other event in the life of the child (first five years, for example). Then you can start sketching your vision for the party, this will be helpful when you go to a party planner expert, or if you are doing all on your own it will help you focus on the task. The plan should include materials you will need, where to find them, and quantities you should buy. It may be you have some of those around your house, it would help you determine if you could use cheap materials (thing soda bottles, cardboard from boxes).

If you need inspiration visit Pinterest, create an account if you don’t have one, it’s free. Search for party ideas for children, don’t feel overwhelmed by the amount of results. Don’t feel discouraged if you see very elaborated samples, remember these are probably businesses that have perfected the skill for quite some time. The idea is to find inspiration not to imitate what you see. You may want to document how you are building your stuff, somebody can take the pictures, you can create written instructions later. This will pay off, if you decide to make this into a business.

List the help of family members, your spouse, your children, siblings, and extended family, they could help with building the items you have conceptualized in the plan. Don’t expect they will know what to do, you need to assign tasks, they should be as clear as possible. You may need to do some one-on-one coaching. During this stage you may find yourself with the prospect of replacing original designs that don’t work out once built even though they looked fine on paper.

Be prepared to compromise if those helping you offer a better solution, those helping you know you are the leader of the project. Hear them out if they come to you with suggestions. After you finish working on this event you will find you have learned a valuable skill in the process: planning and management. This could turn out to be a great career move for you, if you are drawn to planning children parties.

The big day will be spent decorating the room, and you will need help for that. Don’t try to do it alone, your spouse could help or other family members. Of course you will have a ton of things to take care of: food, drinks, table clothes, setting centerpieces, picking up the cake, and many other chores. Do not feel overwhelmed, you just have to ask for help, you loved ones will respond.

If you are hiring a party planner, you still have things to do: select party theme, colors, decorations, cake, food, centerpieces. In this case you will spend money for the service, the planner will present you with options for your consideration. You won’t have to worry about much other than what to wear for the party (although if you do the decorations, you still have to take care of this). Do get involved in selecting the elements for the party. The whole point is to make this a memorable event for your child.

If you decided to organize the party and make the decorations yourself, take plenty of pictures, you may want to post some in your social media account, Instagram and Pinterest are the most used for visual elements, Facebook is a good option. People will come around to ask you how you did it. This could be the moment when you can offer your services.

Strawberry Shortcake Centerpiece