How To Plan A Beautiful Winter Wedding

A Special Time to Tie the Knot

Congratulations on getting married! Not everyone chooses a winter wedding, but it's still a special time to tie the knot. My husband and I married on December 27th! It was a wonderful occasion with lots of friends and family home for the holidays who were able to celebrate with us. The weather didn't dampen the joy of our winter wedding one bit! With Christmas in December, a new year starting in January, and a day just for lovers in February, there are many reasons to tie in this special day with the themes of the winter season. If you're not sure how to break the ice on planning your winter wedding, read on to get inspired.

  • Because it's winter, you should still dress warmly. This doesn't mean you have to give up wearing your dream gown. All you need to do is properly accessorize. Many bridal shops and retailers offer warm capes and muffs with faux fur to help keep you warm on the ride to the church. And remember that anything you put on to protect you from the cold can come off once you're inside the chapel or reception venue. If you don't have your heart set on a gown yet, there are many styles of gowns that include sleeves. Also, watch the hem of your gown so it doesn't get wet from the snow. If you don't need a long train, look for a short one that is easy to carry. And avoid a high, thin heel in case it gets icy. 
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  • Large rooms don't always feel warm until your guests hit the dance floor. If you have a small winter wedding, look for a small venue with a fireplace. The crackling fire can help create a cozy atmosphere that is both casual and elegant. It would also be the perfect place for taking pictures. While looking at venues, make sure the one you choose is prepared to remove snow or salt if necessary, so that your guests can arrive safely. 
  • Help your guests beat the winter chill with a reception full of steaming comfort foods. Warm up your menu with soups and hot chocolate, but avoid heavy holiday foods like ham and turkey. Chances are your guests are probably still feeling full from Thanksgiving, or are trying to stick to their New Year's resolutions. In fact, finger foods may be just the kind of menu for a post-holidays winter wedding. If your wedding is on or close to Valentine's day, have dishes of candy hearts on each table. 
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  • Poinsettias aren't the only flowers popular in winter. Ask your florist to help you choose some winter flowers. A bouquet of white flowers are also a safe bet, and there are a variety of blooms to choose from. You can also try decorating with pussy willow, ivy, or holly if your wedding is close to Christmas. Also, seasonal flowers may be less expensive. If none of your guests are allergic to pine, consider working it into your decorating. Spray them with canned artificial snow to give them the illusion of fresh snowfall. 
  • White or silver is always a safe bet for your winter wedding colors. If there's too much white with your gown and the snow, you can also look at some blues or ivory. Some cool colors might work for winter as well. If you're having a Christmas wedding, try a rich burgundy or pine green. Use the pine idea mentioned above to create a rustic look that would go well with the fireplace. Who knows, maybe the groom will love the idea of pink for Valentine's day! 
  • Make your winter wedding theme extend to your favors. A winter wedding can help you maximize your decorating and wedding favors budget. Look for small snow globes or Christmas tree ornaments just before the holidays marked down or after the holidays at a great price. Give bags or small heart-shaped boxes of candy if the wedding is in February. You can even have the candy personalized with your names and the date. These themes would go well with your invitations as well.
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  • Lastly, remember that a winter honeymoon can be just as fun and interesting as one that you take during warmer months.  There is nothing better than watching the snow fall while you're cuddled with the one you love.  Skiing, ice skating, snowshoeing or just some play in the snow are all wonderful winter activities you can do together during your honeymoon.

With a little creativity, you can make your winter wedding into the special day you've dreamed of. Just remember to go with the winter season and holidays for your wedding. Avoid making plans that can contradict the time of the year or requiring items that may be hard to get during the colder months and can be pricier because of the season. No matter how cold it gets outside, you can make a winter wedding as warm as a summer day.

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