An intelligent girl like Rose Tyler would have no problem getting a boyfriend. How Mickey Smith became the lucky guy in the first place is the real question. In the first episode of Doctor Who since the show’s 20-year hiatus, screenwriter Russel T. Davies introduced viewers to the future companion’s boyfriend, a selfish, cowardly, and all-in-all typical young man. Why such a harsh view of the young man? The below should explain why.

Selfish and Self-Centered at the Core

Rose had undergone a terrible ordeal at her work, the night the Doctor saved her and blew up the building. Mickey and Rose’s mother, Jackie, knew about the incident because newscasters had televised the event. Everyone understood that Rose was in shock, more than they realized, but Mickey didn’t care. He suggested going to the pub, not so much for Rose’s need for a drink, but because he wanted to watch the football game. He had his own interests at heart, despite his girlfriend and her tough night.

Mickey Smith
Credit: BBC America

When the Doctor tore off the head of Auton Mickey Smith.

Cowardly When Faced with the Unknown

When the Nestene Consciousness and its Autons captured Mickey and chained him underground, the cowardly young man whined and moaned when Rose and the Doctor came upon him. Once released from his chains, he suggested to Rose that they leave the Doctor to the Nestene Consciousness and save themselves. Mickey lacked the makings of a true hero.

The scene he made when the Doctor asked Rose to come with him was comical. He literally clung to his girlfriend, whimpering. He had just ridden in the TARDIS, which is bigger on the inside, and he couldn’t handle the alien element. Based on the pathetic whimpering, he wanted Rose to stay and protect him from the Time Lord and his enemies. His cowardice showed worse when compared to the brave and intelligent Rose Tyler.

Typical Boyfriend in a Boring World

Earlier on in the first episode, Mickey's humor negatively impressed viewers. He was crass and somewhat uncouth, though such humor might be common among very young men. Other commonalities he displayed were his desires for kisses from his girlfriend and privacy in his personal affairs. He didn’t want Rose to read his emails. He also doubted Rose’s judgement, a foolish act on his part, but typical all-the-same. 

Mickey Smith
Credit: BBC America

When Rose and the Doctor saved Mickey from the Nestene Consciousness.

What to Expect from Mickey Smith in the Future

Screenwriter Russel T. Davies created a perfectly uninspiring character in the form of boyfriend Mickey Smith. Watching through the first two series again will reveal how Mickey grows as an individual, even though Rose leaves him for the brilliant and awe-inspiring Time Lord. Mickey goes from a weak and cowardly young man to a strong man with intent and purpose. Viewing his growth will be a true delight.