Missoni Art Colour - Exhibition OverviewCredit: Copyright image by Frances Spiegel 2016. All rights reserved.London's Fashion and Textile Museum (FTM) presents an exciting exhibition entitled Missoni Art Colour.

The exhibition highlights a range of exquisite garments from Missoni's highly creative range of colourful designs.

Olympic Romance Leads to Creation of One of the World's Most Distinctive Fashion Houses

Rosita Jelmini met Ottavio Missoni in London in 1948 when he was a competitor in the London Olympics. Married in 1953, Ottavio and Rosita started a small knitwear company in their home in Gallarate, northern Italy – and the rest is history. 

As one of the world's most exciting and distinctive fashion houses the Missoni name is kept alive by the Missoni children and grandchildren. The phenomenal success of this family company is due to a combination of expert craftsmanship, the finest materials such as Merino wool, the latest design trends, and naturally, bold patterns and a blaze of colour!


Missoni Art Colour
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Missoni Art Colour - About the Exhibition

Patchwork of Knitted Fabrics by Ottavio Missoni - 1921-2013Credit: Copyright image by Frances Spiegel 2016. All rights reserved.Missoni Art Colour aims to highlight the creative process of knitting artwork into
fashion forms. The exhibition explores more than sixty years of fashion and textile designs by Ottavio and Rosita Missoni. The show highlights the importance of knitwear and the close relationship between art and industry. Previously unseen textile studies, paintings and Arazzi by Ottavio Missoni, as well as works by leading 20th century European artists including Sonia Delaunay, Enrico Prampolini, Lucio Fontana, Gino Severini and many others, are on display.

Gino Severini, Ballerina, c. 1957Credit: Copyright image by Frances Spiegel 2016. All rights reserved.This extraordinarily colourful exhibition is jointly curated by art critic and historian Luciano Caramel, Luca Missoni, artistic Director of the Missoni Archive, and contemporary art historian Emma Zanella, Director of MA*GA Art Museum, Gallarate, northern Italy.

Organised by the FTM and MA*GA Art, the show is mounted with sponsorship from The Woolmark Company. The exhibition features items from the Missoni collection, private collections, and from MA*GA, where the exhibition was shown from 19th April 2015 to 24th January 2016.


Missoni (Made in Italy)
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Talk About an Exhibition

Speaking in London, Luciano Caramel said: “Missoni really created a completely new landscape, enlarging the view, enlarging the horizon for what is considered art.” 

Ottavio Missoni, Senza TitoloCredit: Copyright image by Frances Spiegel 2016. All rights reserved.Luca Missoni, Artistic Director of the Missoni Archive, said: “When designing this exhibition I really wanted to try to express how it's great actually to be able to design your own textiles, your own materials, and to see what can be done. With the inspiration my parents have from the arts, especially Rosita, from the modernists at the beginning of the century, they were able to translate that into their own textiles with their own experimentation. This kind of language actually went on for many years up to today and we kind of inherited this from them.

Through all this process my father became an artist in his own right. Colour became the element which we try to express and to celebrate in this exhibition. Quality is also important and we always use the best materials possible.”


Missoni Art Colour - Tickets and Information

Tickets and further information about this show are available from the Fashion and Textile Museum's website. The exhibition is open from 6th May to 4th September 2016. It is accompanied by a fully illustrated catalogue charting the history and inspiration behind this iconic fashion house. The book is available from the museum and all good book stores.

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