Finding Extra Money

100 Places to find Extra Cash

Money can often be hard to find. However, if you look closely, it is often right under your nose! Below are some ideas of  places to find your stash!

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A garage sale is one of the quickest ways to  raise money and the can also be a tax break involved.  Items that are not sold can be donated and claimed as a deduction on your tax return. You can also sell your items at a consignment store. They will give you 30-70% of the total sale price if items you consign are sold. The bonus of the consignment store is that the store does the selling for you.There are also stores that sell used children's clothing. Some stores will pay on the spot for gently used items.

If you have any antiques, unused jewelry or dental gold there are many antique dealers and gold buyers who will purchase your items. If you have books you no longer need, there are many online sites like Amazon where you can sell them. Craigslist is another great place to sell items and posting your ad is free. Many local newspapers also have a section where you can post your for sale items for free.

There are also sites such as Best Buy and Gazelle that will pay you for used phones and electronics check out their websites to see what items they accept. Many places will buy used games and game systems. A few places that purchase games and systems are Gamestop, E-Bay and Cashforgamers.

Check with your state and the U.S. Government for a listing of unclaimed money. Oftentimes people will forget about accounts and may not have left forwarding address information. There are millions of dollars of unclaimed money out there, is worth your time to check and see if your name is on the list.

Have you enrolled in any reward programs? If so,be sure to visit all of your programs to see if you have any awards available to you. Sometimes, there can be money or rewards available that have been forgotten.

Collect on Debt and Slash your Bills

If you are in need of money and have made loans to friends or family be sure to ask them to pay you back.

One way to slash your bills is to call your cable, phone, garbage and internet providers and ask for better rates. Many times they will give you credits or lower your rates.

If you are a home owner, one of the best places to slash your expenses is to refinance your home. If you can get a lower interest rate you can save hundreds of dollars a month! You can also cancel your PMI (private mortgage insurance) if you have achieved 20% equity in your home. This will save you money and possibly make your monthly mortgage payment smaller.

Sell Yourself

Learn ways to control your own money making machine. Venturing out into the world of the self employed can be scary but very rewarding. Sit down and brainstorm for potential avenues for money making. Think of what you like to do and what you are good at. Many people make extra money by doing what they love to do. A home based service can be started up relatively quickly and can be very inexpensive. Starting a home based daycare or elder care, personal shopping service, costume rental service, pet sitting and grooming business are a few examples. Party planning and event catering can also be done from a home based business.

Another option is to become an E-bay seller. You can sell items individually or set up your own store. Items to be sold can be purchased from wholesalers or you can shop garage sales and thrift stores for items to re-sell.

Renting 101

If you have a large house or own any properties you can offer rooms or land for rent. You can also rent out items such as tools,cars and household goods. There are many online sites that you can list your items for rent.

Many cities now have a ride service that works similar to a taxi. you can sign up to give rides to people on demand. Each person who signs up for the ride service has to qualify with a back ground check, have a current drivers license and your vehicle has to pass inspection.

Wear Many Hats

Don't want to work for yourself? You can still have a variety of income sources.  There is a huge market for people to tutor many subjects ranging from languages to music. Qualifications to tutor are very minimal and often easier to do than you may think. Newspaper delivery, selling items such as Mary Kay, Avon, Pampered Chef and Tupperware can bring in some spare money and often free items. Collecting aluminum and recycling, becoming a secret shopper, and filling out surveys can all be done easily.

Wacky Ideas for Money MakingMoney- and -Where- to- Find- itCredit:

There are some unusual but interesting ways to bring in the cash. If you play an instrument or sing-offer your services on Craigslist or Thumbtack. If you can perform  magic tricks or play an instrument hit the streets! Street performers can earn a good amount of money for tips.Just don't forget to put the hat out for tips.

For the bold souls, you could sign up for study trials. Many universities, research facilities and training centers offer compensation or free treatments for those who qualify for their study programs. Search for paid clinical trials or check out your local medical, dental or beauty schools.

Something rarely thought of is to become a nude model. While many of us would find this very uncomfortable, there are people who don't mind being naked. Many art schools and community art courses will pay for your nudity!

You can sell advertising spots on your car to local businesses. Sell your hair. If you have long hair there are several online sites that will buy your hair from you.

Another option is to offer yourself to tourists as a guide. If you are in a bigger city, many people would pay for a personal tour from a local.You could also make a funny backdrop or dress up as a popular or historical character and offer people to take their photos with you for a price.Tourists often enjoy photo opportunities for their families and if you live near a tourist area this may work for you.

If you brainstorm you can make this list much longer! Once you get your creative juices flowing you can find many pathways to money. Just keep an open mind and attitude. Go out of your comfort zone and try something new.