There was a time that Moselle wine, particularly through mass production, did not have a very good reputation among wine lovers, but in recent years, the esteem of Moselle wine has risen again.

Moselle wine is produced in the three countries along the Moselle river, which are Germany, Luxembourg and France.

GrapesMoselle wines are mostly white and until a few years ago it was even forbidden by law to produce red wine as a winemaker, although it was done for private use. To be able to compete with the new and emerging wine regions in the world, the banning of producing red wines was lifted and nowadays you can also find red and rosé wines in the Mosel-region.

Moselle wines

For the Auslese Moselle wine, fully ripe and overripe grapes are being used and the unripe grapes are being removed. Therefore Therefore you get a wine that is very tasteful and well suited for festive occasions. The amount of alcohol in the Auslese wine is higher than in the Cabinet wine.

This wine also has only ripe and full ripe grapes, individually picked and pressed, creating a fruity, full flavor. The alcohol percentage is around 15%.

The cabinet wine is the most common wine you wil find in the Mosel region. It is a light and refreshing wine and the alcohol percentage is around 8%.

Eiswein (Icewine) is considered to be one of the top wines of in the Mosel area. The grapes are being picked after they had a couple of nights of frost, so that the substances in the grapes are very concentrated. The grape-press liquid is very sugary and the final wine has a very fine flavor.

The grapes for this wine are harvested later (at least 1 week later) than the normal harvest. This ripe grapes give the wine a full and ripe taste. The alcohol content of higher than the Cabinet wine.

For tis wine, they let the grapes dehydrate to raisins before they pick the grapes. This creates a full and robust taste with an alcohol content of 20%.

Moselle Wine - Grapes

In the Mosel region, particularly Riesling, Silvaner, Müller-Thurgau and Kerner grapes are grown.

The Kerner grape is developed from the Trollinger, a red grape, the wine has a Riesling-like flavor.

This grape is a cross between Riesling and Silvaner, characterized by a very early ripening and a sweet wine with a floral bouquet.

Bremmer CalmontRiesling is the most famous grape variety in the Mosel-area and was at the time of Roman domination brought by the Romans to the region. The Riesling is characterized by a slow ripening grapes, which gives the wine a delicate and fruity taste.

The Silvaner is a medium-sized species that matures earlier than the Riesling grape and gives the wine a dry taste.

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