I wanted to start writing about my InfoBarrel earnings and how my InfoBarrel income has been growing. A few other writers at InfoBarrel have been doing this for a while now and I experimented with publishing an income report back when I first started here late in 2009 but now I feel this type of article is a great motivator for new writers to develop their own residual income stream by writing content for InfoBarrel.

Before I get into my actual InfoBarrel earnings I need to preface this article with a description of my time here on InfoBarrel. Let me first say that I signed up with InfoBarrel in November of 2009 with only one clear goal. I wanted to use InfoBarrel as a primary means of building backlinks to my main blog and as a way of building backlinks to my money articles elsewhere on the web. At the time I did absolutely zero keyword research for my articles on InfoBarrel and I did not attempt to increase or even create earnings here beyond random residuals for building backlinks. This resulted in me receiving small earnings over the first few months here.

After a number of months past I slowed in my backlink building here and eventually started to experiment with ways to actually make money on InfoBarrel. I quickly found that although InfoBarrel offered an amazing platform for building backlinks to my other websites and articles it also offered an unparalleled opportunity for novice writers to make money writing online. It was also perfect for those people who are unable or unwilling to build a personal website or for those wishign to diversify as they make money online.

My InfoBarrel Earnings – Before I Even Tried To Make Money On InfoBarrel

November 2009 - I published 37 articles and made $1.26 - This was my first month here and I published all 37 articles in about two weeks. They were quick and I punched them out simply for backlinks.

December 2009 - I published 53 articles and made $6.66 - This was my second month here and I published all most of the articles in the first two and a half weeks of the month. Again, they were quick and I punched them out simply for backlinks. Only a couple of these articles were based on money keywords but I did nothing to promote them and little to research them.

January 2010 - I published 20 articles and made $8.74 - In my third month on InfoBarrel I published these 20 articles throughout the month randomly. Some of these were actually things I wrote for school a few years back so I just edited them for the web. Others were simply for backlinks. They were all quick and I punched them out simply for backlinks with the exception of maybe a single article or two. Only a couple of these articles were based on money keywords but I did nothing to promote them and little to research them.

February 2010 - I published 13 articles and made $9.55 - Finally in my fourth month on InfoBarrel I published these 13 articles with the primary goal to see if I could actually make some money on InfoBarrel. About half of my published articles this month were for backlinks and the other half were based on money keywords. I did some basic article marketing after doing keyword research. If I were to do it again from scratch I would have done different kinds of marketing and slightly different keywords but all in all this was a good first effort for me. I wasn't yet taking making money on IB seriously at this point though – this was just a small experiment.

March 2010 - I published 2 articles on InfoBarrel and my InfoBarrel Earnings were $13.34 - Both of these keywords were based on light keyword research but the articles were meant for backlinks. I did little to no promotion or though regarding these articles.

April 2010 - I published 12 articles in the month of April 2010 and made $16.77 - About two thirds of these articles were meant to be money articles and the others were meant for backlinks. At this point I believe I was still deciding whether IB was worth my time as a money maker as it was one of the last places I focused my efforts towards. I was however seeing some results from a few of my past articles which was probably a stepping stone to me taking IB seriously as a money maker To this point I still only had a handful of articles that I intended to be money articles and only a very small few of those I even promoted. At this point the experimentation phase with generating InfoBarrel Income was coming to an end.

May 2010 - A published 9 articles in May of 2010 and made $35.12 - this was the first month where 100 percent of my articles were meant to be money articles. At this point I still did only a little promotion of articles here on IB but instead started learning how to make money here. This was a learning month for me where I pooled my knowledge from other areas of online content writing and started applying it to IB.

June 2010 - I published 5 articles in June and made a total of $10.14 - this month again was only money articles and I started getting serious with planning them out from keyword to execution to promotion. I was also involved in promoting other sites through other means but June was the last month that I consider to be a month of making money on InfoBarrel without even trying. I did focus on money articles here and a little promotion but it was an afterthought. This was the last site I worked on and the one site I tried the least on.

Summer 2010 - I Started Trying To Make Money On InfoBarrel

In mid July I finally decided that InfoBarrel was the place for me to focus all my energy. I contemplated starting my own money site but the ease of InfoBarrel meant that all the admin tasks of starting a site would be handled by someone else. I also felt that the revenue share on InfoBarrel was high enough that it would be close to me running a site by myself and as a result it was worth it as a tradeoff. I began writing almost only money articles and by the end of the month began focusing on promoting my material on IB in a way that was serious. As I've learned on InfoBarrel since November 2009, you can make money on InfoBarrel without trying but but you won't earn much much. If you want to make serious money you have to take it very seriously and work hard.

July 2010 - I published 23 articles on IB in July 2010 and made $42.55. Most of these articles were meant as money articles but I made some mistakes in keyword selection. Overall the promotional work I started putting in was dramatic and deliberate. Although earnings for the month of July were low comparative to the work I put in this was the groundwork for major increases to my InfoBarrel Earnings in the months to come.

August 2010 - This was the month when I came out of hiding in the InfoBarrel community – I began participating and helping others with what I had learned but had yet to really do on the InfoBarrel platform. I knew exactly what to do but I was simply not doing it on Infobarrel previously due to other commitments and other sites I felt were ore worth my time and energy. My InfoBarrel Income for the month of august shot up due to my efforts dramatically and they accelerated into the end of the month. I published 19 articles on IB during the month of August based on very serious research coupled with very focused and well planned promotional strategies and my Infobarrel Earnings for the month were $81.11.


September 2010 - In September I made it a point to try a few new ideas to promote my material on InfoBarrel a little better internally. I began building authority to my profile page which links to all my articles and began interlinking my articles heavily. I also tried my hardest to win the monthly contest to get an internal link from the contest page as a monthly winner but fell one article short. I published 60 articles and added Amazon to many of my older articles and increased my income by 175 percent month over month. By the end of September I had made $222.84 + $50 for coming in second place in the contest. All in all it was an amazing month full of hard work. See my full report on this month here.

October 2010 - In October I published 14 new articles but focused most of my efforts on taking it easy and relaxing a bit but also in building backlinks which take much less mental energy. I ended up spending more time with the wife, gettign more sleep, focusing a bit more on the 9-5 job, and watching more TV but my backlinks were targeted to my more efficiently earning articles and as a result I saw an increase in InfoBarrel Income of 51 percent month-over-month. I made $337.61 and really enjoyed the month. See my full report on this month here.

November 2010 - In November I published 15 new articles on InfoBarrel. I wasn't that prolific on the site this month but did a lot of behind the scenes work building backlinks and working on other projects. In November I tried to improve on my Amazon earnings and get the spicket flowing so-to-speak and in the end I did just that. I realized a 42 percent increase in my InfoBarrel Income over the course of the month as I made over $63 on Chitika, over $40 on Amazon, and over $375 with Adsense. When all was said and done I worked 22 days in November and saw an increase in InfoBarrel earnings to $480.93. See my full report on this month here.

December 2010 - See my full report on this month here.

January 2011 - See my full report on this month here.

February 2011 - See my full report on this month here.

March 2011 - See my full report on this month here.

April 2011 - See my full report on this month here.

How You Can Build Residual Income On InfoBarrel

I have slowly started putting together a roadmap to building significant residual income by writing on InfoBarrel. I have a limited history of doing so but I know how it's done. You can follow along with the posts I've already written on creating an InfoBarrel Income stream and on your Earnings Potential on InfoBarrel. You can also read my guides to selecting a keyword titles for InfoBarrel: The theory behind it and a practical tutorial.

Once you selct a keyword and write about it you may want to read my thoughts on the impportance of improving search engine rank with your InfoBarrel articles - this is obvious to some but often lost on first time writers. And once your article is published you may also want to learn more about how pictures can help you make more money here on InfoBarrel as well as how you can diversify your income by focusing on building more income via Amazon Associates.


Also make sure to check in later for more updates as I add new content to this guided series on making more money on InfoBarrel. Anyone can do this if they really want to – it's not hard; it just takes hard work and a drive to get things done.

This InfoBarrel Earnings report page will be updated in the future as my InfoBarrel Earnings expand month by month. Feel free to follow along and grow your residual income by my side. If you haven't yet joined InfoBarrel you can do so through my affiliate link or by heading to the homepage to join.