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The right linen can really make your home décor complete. It used to be that mainly housewives and those in the decorating industry were interested in fine linen, but not so today.  Today, even the average "Joe" or "JoAan" care about which linen goes with what decor. Linen Source offers a wide variety of Linen that you can purchase online or from their print catalog. Linen Source provides its clients with the best products and different quality textures and materials.

Hence, people shopping at Linen Source can be assured that they will obtain the best without any disappointments. The give a grand opportunity to make up your house at discounted prices. Linen Source is a catalog that avails to its clients the best payments terms at affordable prices. Linen source no longer appears to have the buy now pay later program however for those who like unique linen and unique furniture, this is a great catalog.

Linen Source CatalogCredit: Linen Source

If you are looking for buy now pay later linen, there are other catalogs you can check.  You can always try Grand Pointe online catalog if you want $100 instant credit to go shopping for goods. Grande Point allows you to build up credit over time, all the way up to $500. Thus if you are someone who needs to build your credit history, then a buy now pay later catalog like Grand Point is a great place to start.

Some "One Stop Shop" Catalogs Include:

Types of Merchandise Sold  In the Linen Source Catalog or Website

Luxury Essential 700 TC Embroidered Flat SheetCredit: Linen SourceElegance and Luxury Cotton TowelsCredit: Linen SourceCambridge Kilim RugCredit: Linen SourceHeirloom Vanity SetCredit: Linen Source

The online catalog has products that come in handy while making a home or improving the appearances in a given indoor or outdoor set up. The products at Linen Source are geared towards enhancing interior décor. However, the same products can be used for additional purposes both at home and in the office set up.

Sheets: there are a variety of sheets available at Linen Source. These include luxury sheets, sheet sets, flannel and fleece sheets, wrinkle free sheets, private essential sheets, lace and embroidery etc.

  • Quilts and coverlets:  these are items such as coverlets, solids, floral and patterns
  • Comforters: they include best sellers, new arrivals, comforter sets, covers, duvets, down comforters, floral
  • Bath: they are bath room items such as   bath towels, bath rugs, sleepwear and apparel, etc.
  • Bedding basics: these include pillows, bed skirts, bed shams, blankets and throws, and pillows protectors.
  • Home décor: includes items such as decorative pillows, furniture, slipcovers, table tops and accessories, and wall art décor.

Benefits of Using Linen Source Catalog or Website

The online catalog is one of the best providers of linen and related accessories. The online shop has a wide variety of designs that can suite the interests of different clients. There are multiples of fabrics of latest designs that can be used to improve or even develop the appearance of a house. The offered products of rich colors, varied textures, and exceptional quality, enhance creativity and versatility.

It appears that Linen Source no longer has it's own credit program, however you can still make purchase using your own credit card. The commercial accounts may have a different payment arrangement scheme that customers shopping for personal items.

The online catalog offers discounted prices for products in the design and hospitality industries. This is an advantage to interior décor service providers as they can obtain more products with a limited payment. The online catalog has customer service providers that are often available to assist any clients having challenges in accounts or any matter concerning their products.

There are Linen Source commercial accounts consultants that are available to attend to clients and assist in any way possible. Customers are allowed to requests for personal services from the online catalog. In addition, the catalog avails commercial accounts that the customer can operate on his or her own. Customers at Linen Source have the privileged of receiving catalog mailing with latest designs and new arrivals.

The clients buying at Linen Source are given an opportunity of service delivery to their destination. The products at Linen source can be good package recommendable for one to present a gift to another. There are items such as beddings, bed covers, duvets etc. that can be well put together as seasonal gifts. In addition, the online catalog has gift certificate that can come in handy while on is choosing gift for a loved one. Hence, customers can have their needs met at Linen source.

Clients are given a 30 day credit term. This is applicable for the clients that have approves accounts with Linen Source. The online catalog has a security system for its client’s safety. Customers are assured that their personal information is well kept and taken care of at the online catalog.

Disadvantages of Using the Linen Source Catalog or Website

As an online catalog it is crucial to understand that customers are exposed to identity theft. Despite the protection given by Linen Source, it is beneficial for clients to ensure that they take care of their personal details while transacting at Linen source.

The catalog offers multiple of appealing products at attractive discounted prices. It is easy for a person to buy products on impulse buying. Hence, it can be disadvantage to have a credit account with balance that one cannot afford to pay. It is advisable to think before buying especially for people with poor credit histories.  At Linen Source Monogramable items cannot be returned once bought.

Instant Credit Application Process at Linen Source

The online catalog allows customers both new and old to request for a catalog. It appears from the date of this writing 11/2012 that Linen Source doesn't have a buy now pay later option on the website.  

 Interest Rates at Linen Source

The online catalog has no interest rates except for those on your own credit card purchases.


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