The idea of going to Disney World, Florida, as an adult or couple is so often dismissed as fantasy. People believe that Disney World is only for children or that there is nothing there for adults. This book put my mind at rest about these beliefs and encouraged me to follow my dream. This article is my review of the ebook 'Orlando Florida Holiday Guide’.

The Concept

The authors, Alex and Harriet, wanted to challenge perceptions of Disney World as an exclusively child’s playground. Their own trip, as a couple, proved to them that adults can have just as much fun there as children. They realised it’s about knowing where to go, what to see, and being aware of some insider information. After planning the trip carefully, they went on to have the ‘best trip ever’!

The authors had found planning their own trip hard work. They struggled to find the information they required online, so decided to write an easily accessible ebook for future travellers. I found the information to be accurate, detailed and useful. After careful preparation me and my partner set off to Orlando, and had our own amazing adventure!


The book begins with the story of how the authors began their journey to Orlando for Alex’s 30th Birthday. The emphasis is on planning and preparation, and that Disney World is for adults, not just for children.

The first few chapters take you through the planning stages: booking the flights, where to stay, and transport around the area. It includes excellent tips on what to pack and how to secure your belongings, as well as managing money and work while you are away.

disney orlando holiday
Credit: Used With Permission from Orlando Florida Holiday Guide

Next sections are for when you arrive: managing jet lag, how to make the most out of your photographs and videos, and shopping mall plans.

Then are the reviews of the theme parks themselves: how to get tickets to the parks and Fast Track the lines, which rides and attractions not to miss, and a list of mobile apps to help you on your way. I especially appreciated the advice on Epcot and the Magic Kingdom: follow the tips on which attractions to put at the top of your list, and you can’t go wrong. All the major parks are included, as well as tips on smaller attractions, such as sports matches.  

Lastly are recommendations for restaurants, shopping, sports bars and how to get through Orlando International Airport at the end of your trip. The chapter on how to manage your holiday energy is great for helping you make the most out of your trip.

My Final Thoughts

In conclusion the Orlando Florida Holiday Guide helped me to overcome a lot of my fears surrounding going to Orlando as a couple. It also made life a lot easier when it came to planning the trip. However, I would say, as with all guidebooks, it is to be used as a guide only. It is impossible to include everything and part of the thrill of travel is discovering things for yourself. Things change and there is so much to see, but using this book as your guide will certainly help you to have more confidence in making the most out of your trip.

Authors of the Orlando Florida Holiday Guide, Alex and Harriet with Mickey Mouse!
Credit: Used With Permission from Orlando Florida Holiday Guide