I was watching a nature program the other night about mosquitoes and how to deal with them.  They were talking about all the machines and candles and spray on the market to use while enjoying your outdoor space, but in the end the perfect enemy for a mosquito is the wind.

They said that having a fan running to create a nice breeze will keep them away.  This is another great reason to have a ceiling fan rated for outdoors to not only keep the air moving for your comfort but the breeze created will apparently send those little pests in another direction.

These are designed to be used in a covered porch scenario or screened in porch with ceiling area.  These particular ones are rated for dampness, which is something they will get even under the cover of the roof so you should install fans that are rated for outdoors to be safe and to enjoy its use for many years without worry of rust.  

outdoor ceiling fanCredit: amazon.com

Oil Rubbed Bronze Outdoor Ceiling Fan with Light

If you want something a little different from that basic fan unit, and have the ceiling height, this particular unit has two separate fans and a light as well.  It can be hardwired into a sloping roof as well and is rated for dampness. 

As we spend more and more time outdoors, it can be nice to have some air movement especially on those hot steamy days or evenings to add to the comfort of outdoor living.  Having a covered porch or patio area allows for longer periods of use and enjoyment.  You can get patio and porch heaters that when used in combination with a ceiling fan will keep the heat closer to you instead of up at the ceiling for those cooler autumn days so you can still enjoy time outside.

This one does have a down rod, so you need the height but it also looks good.

outdoor ceiling fan with lightCredit: amazon.com

52 Inch Aged Bronze Finish

This one has a large blade area, come with remote control and also a light.  It also has a 10 inch down rod, so you need to have the height, but if you do, then you will enjoy the air movement this size of fan can give you.  You may need two of them!  It can be used indoors or outdoors and that light can come in handy.   The light is also capable of being dimmed and you can reverse directions to move heat away or simply to keep the air moving especially under a covered porch or screened in area.  

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Oscillating Ceiling Fan

If space is tight, this type of unit could be put near a corner and it can oscillate to give maximum air flow.  It is an industrial styling which suits many decors and is in a cage rather than an open blade design.  This could definitely blow those pests away!

outdoor ceiling fanCredit: amazon.com
Brette 23 in. LED Indoor/Outdoor Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan
Amazon Price: $264.40 Buy Now
(price as of Sep 23, 2016)

Trendy Polished Metal Design

This fan only has a 4.5 inch down rod which is good if the ceiling is not too high.  It is encased in a drum style design with LED lights as well.  It is out of the way and not an obvious fan but still moves the air around.  This can be used indoors or outdoors especially if you prefer a trendy look or want something more compact than a unit with wide fan blades.  Cleaning is easy as everything is encased.

outdoor ceiling fanCredit: amazon.com
72" Predator English Bronze Outdoor Ceiling Fan
Amazon Price: $599.99 $349.95 Buy Now
(price as of Sep 23, 2016)

Large 72 Inch Span with 8 Blades

Now this is the mother of all fans.  Good looking, and will do 6 speeds and rated for damp locations such as covered porches.  It uses a remote control and is a very quiet unit.  If you have a large outdoor space this would move a lot of air with the 8 blades.  The motor is bronze finish and the blades are a cherry finish.  Good looking and would fit in with most patio decors.  

Spending More Time Outdoors and Investing in Your Nest

Many people are investing in their nests, especially in the outdoor area, creating covered entertainments spaces which in many cases include outdoor kitchens and comfy furniture as well as fireplaces and pretty heaters to totally extend the outdoor living season.

Whether you have a large covered porch with all the bells and whistles or just enough space for a few chairs, having a ceiling fan to move the air can really help on those hot nights.  Many people will head indoors to the air conditioning which is a shame, because depending on where you live the summer can be short.

I used to live in the countryside by open fields and there was always a breeze which did keep the mosquitoes away.  Once we moved in town I realized just how still the air could get.  So investing in a fan of some kind whether a table top one for your patio or investing in one for the outdoor ceiling will help to blow those pesky critters away as well as keep air moving for comfort. 

Make Sure it is Rated for Outdoor Damp

Installed ceiling fans obviously use electricity, so you may need a professional to run wiring and install your fan, but it should be rated for damp so that rust doesn’t become a problem when the seasons change or it is simply damp out there.  Even under covered areas, rust can be a problem, so make sure any ceiling fan you purchase is rated for the dampness.

I love to check online for cool looking ones, as many stores tend to carry traditional styles or ones designed for indoor use only.  I hope I have inspired you to include these outdoor ceiling fans as a part of your investment into your outdoor living.  They don’t need to be ugly they can match your personality, furnishings and décor.  Extend your style of fans to the indoors too for moving air around, it saves on your heating and air conditioning bills.