If pizza is your first love in food, then having an outdoor pizza oven would be on your wish list. 

Pizza has come a long way from that greasy cheap take out from around the corner that left you unable to move for hours afterwards, to healthier gourmet versions that tickle your taste buds.  You can create them with a super thin crust (Perfect for those watching their waist lines) or super thick.  There is gluten free and fancy grains, the choices are endless now.

The toppings have gone gourmet too!  You can still stick to basic pepperoni and cheese or move on up to seafood, goats cheese, and more.  The sky is the limit.  Maybe you have decided to make your crust from scratch, or purchase that already made, either way, the taste of it baked in a true pizza oven, is something you will seriously enjoy.   There is simply no comparison between your inside oven and that outside wood fired oven or one that simulates wood fired. 

outside pizza ovenCredit: amazon.com
Deeco DM-0039-IA-C Aztec Allure Cast Iron Pizza Oven Chiminea
Amazon Price: $561.95 $523.95 Buy Now
(price as of Feb 5, 2017)

Outdoor Pizza Oven That is Also a Fireplace and Grill

My hubby and I don’t have a lot of room in our yard but he absolutely loves grilling over a wood fire rather than propane or charcoal, but he also likes a good homemade pizza.  This particular model is what we are interested in because it can do 3 things which for a smaller yard is handy.

This will not only be an outdoor fireplace to watch with the screen covered door for safety, but it will also grill your steaks or burgers on top, then if you want pizza the special dome fits over the entire unit.  This is cast iron and very robust.   We thought it would be nice to come away from charcoal and propane and enjoy the ambiance of a fire, heat and good food!

outside pizza ovenCredit: amazon.com
Outdoor Pizza Oven, Wood Fired, Insulated, w/ Brick Arch & Chimney
Amazon Price: $1,800.00 Buy Now
(price as of Feb 5, 2017)

Heavy Handmade In Portugal - Wood Fired Outdoor Pizza Oven

This is a serious oven that is very heavy, weighing in over 1200 pounds!  You will need a sturdy base for this model.  It is completely insulated and will be delivered.  Find a permanent spot for this in your yard, somewhere where it can be seen as well as enjoyed.  Would add to any outdoor kitchen setup and looks cool and authentic.

outside pizza ovenCredit: amazon.com
Camp Chef Italia Artisan Pizza Oven
Amazon Price: $400.00 $299.99 Buy Now
(price as of Feb 5, 2017)

Italia Artisan Pizza Oven

This one does run on propane but cooks like a wood fired version.  It is a more portable, ready to bake in 15 minutes, so perfect for those quick dinners or last minute parties.  You have flame control and it replicates the wood fired taste.

It has specially designed heat plate, and can reach 700 degrees F, which is perfect for pizza or even a roast.  All you need is a refillable propane bottle to run this unit.

outside pizza ovenCredit: amazon.com
Uuni 2S Wood-Fired Oven with Stone Baking Board
Amazon Price: $886.87 Buy Now
(price as of Feb 5, 2017)

Uuni 2S Wood Fired Oven with Stone Baking Board - Runs on Wood Pellets!

This is more portable than the above models, and runs on wood pellets which you can get at most home improvement and hardware stores.  It burns efficiently and is ready for use in 10 minutes.  Perfect for the smaller yard or balcony.  The pellets fire up easily and burn quickly and efficiently allowing the oven to get up as high as 900 degrees quickly.

Lighter weight at 26 pounds, makes it easy to move around or take to the cottage or a friend’s house.  With a stainless steel exterior, no rust!

outdoor pizza oven kitsCredit: amazon.com
PizzaQue Deluxe Kettle Grill Pizza Kit for 18" and 22.5" Kettle Grills PC7001
Amazon Price: $65.93 $40.68 Buy Now
(price as of Feb 5, 2017)

Outside Pizza Oven Kits

If you presently own a Kettle Grill (the rounder style barbeque) as pictured, you can get these pizza oven kits that retrofit quickly into your present barbeque with a kettle converter, pizza peel and a special pizza stone.

You can then get the outdoor fire taste that is so popular with pizzas now from you present barbeque, just use wood instead of charcoal for an authentic taste.

Or Build Your Own Outdoor Pizza Oven

If you are handy, there are many tutorials that show you how to build one, but I thought this video was a great one as they used clay to mold the oven.  It took some time, but works awesome when done.  

You set a fire in it to set it and then you are ready anytime for your pizza.  Once you have cooked your slices on a wood fire, you will really understand the difference in flavor.  Plus on a hot summers day, why heat up the house?

Turn Your Yard into an Oasis

There are so many options now as more and more people turn their yards into an oasis.  Outdoor kitchens and comfy seating areas are almost doubling many homes square footages, in the nicer weather, and with the addition of patio heaters, this can also be used into the cooler months.

If you want something else other than the typical barbeque when it comes to outdoor dining, then consider an outside pizza oven as another option for meals.  If you add the right ingredients they can be healthy compared to the typical takeout order and fast.

Keep the ingredients on hand, and you will always be ready for a spontaneous pizza party!

You can purchase frozen dough and even gourmet frozen already made shells, to have on hand, and then simply add fresh veggies, pesto, or tomato sauce, meats, cheeses, or whatever you want.   Check online for all kinds of different recipes to get you inspired.

Using the right stone will allow even cooking, without burning, and it is one of the fastest meals to make.

Awesome Pizza Party Night

Some of the above wood burning units don’t take too long to heat up, especially the wood pellet one, so you don’t have to be planning all day.  It can be a spontaneous meal or party that will be remembered.  You could probably bake a pizza quicker than getting one delivered!